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Thread: Dragonball Z: Orutaneito Taitou Ikou(RP Thread)

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    Re: Dragonball Z: Orutaneito Taitou Ikou(RP Thread)

    Watching the woman leave, Castigator just dropped his head & chuckled, the clone placing the sword back in it's scabbard on Castigator's back then was reabsorbed into his body.

    {Juvenile. Interesting choice of words. Not sure how she worked out I'd created a clone. Looks like this reality's hitting me pretty hard. Gonna have ta keep on my toes...}

    Dropping down & landing on a building, he surveyed the damage. Most of the place was destroyed, but it seemed off in the distance the stadium was safe. Looking for the other energy signals he sensed, he spotted one guy talking to another, while the young woman from the shuttle was only about a block away. Siting down cross legged, he started meditating, confirming that other thing he was keeping an eye on was still hanging around. Making sure he knew it's location, he frowned when he picked up what it was up to.

    "Oh no you don't, not now I'm watching..."

    --ShadowStalker, front & center!--

    Suddenly the wall to his side seemed to warp, as if someone was pushing on a balloon with a finger, a figure standing there once it snapped back to normal. Looking like something out of a nightmare, it bowed low to the meditating figure as he stood up.

    "Your orders my lord?"

    "I need you to watch these people until I return. They are the one who shall decide this realities future. I need to make sure it stays that way. Now cloak up, you are to have no interaction with them at all, got that?"


    "Ease up mate. Your a ShadowStalker now, you have to learn a new way to act. But, I have faith in you, otherwise you wouldn't be in this position. And don't worry, while cloaked they will not be able to sense you at all."

    "Thankyou sir. I won't let you down."

    "I know you won't. Now go."

    Knowing Allrealms Observations would be documenting now they'd detected ShadowStalker, he just waved off into nowhere as ShadowStalker lept off the building, sliding down the neighbouring building with his wrist blades & clawed feet as his body was coated in black shadows which stuck to his body. Watching his loyal trooper move into position, he mentally checked the other thing's location. Sensing it was time to go, he made the world bend like it did when ShadowStalker arrived around him, it returning to normal revealing his disappearance. He had hunting to do...

    ((I'm not slipping in a new guy, I've just got ShadowStalker watching while I set up to introduce my character to the others. ShadowStalker's pretty well trained in surveillance, but it's possible he'll be glimpsed out of the corner of the character's eyes. I'll bring my guy back in the next post. He may have work here to do, but he's got other duties as well ))

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    Re: Dragonball Z: Orutaneito Taitou Ikou(RP Thread)

    ::Kazuma the Dark Hero, a being with power beyond most others, walked into the fight, merely to watch. His dark-silver hair flowed as he walked, his dark-silver eyes focusing on the actions of the others. He stepped over to a boulder and sat down upon it. At his waist was a simple nodachi, though the look of it was rather odd::
    "So, let's check how powerful these people are..."

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    Re: Dragonball Z: Orutaneito Taitou Ikou(RP Thread)

    Swinging with all his might, Ramune hit nothing but air, as the target suddenly disappeared...spining wildly now, Ramune fell back to the ground in a thunderous crash. Demolishing the building he landed in, Laying in a tangled heap, all that could be heard was cursing in enough languages to make anyone blush...and all he wanted was another drink...
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