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Thread: A Dragon's Tale (Character thread)

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    A Dragon's Tale (Character thread)

    A Dragon’s Tale:

    Name: Agneas/Raven DrakenGuard.

    Age: 17

    Sex: Male

    Race: Drake-Human.

    Alignment: Good/Evil (Depends on which Personality you meet)

    Persona: Agneas is the good side of this character, although he seems to be fine.
    He hides a great fear for the rest of the world. Raven on the other hand is the evil half,
    And was created by Agneas when his family was slain. Agneas/Raven is not someone who takes to people easily, but can make enemies in record time with his sour demeanor.

    Clothing: Agneas/Raven wears knee length black riding boots, tan trews and a grey woolen shirt.

    Weapon: A long sword that was given to him by the Captain Faber, A long Bow that he made himself (Never misses), and Drako Magic.

    Magic: Drako-Flame, White light (Healing)

    Bio: After witnessing the massacre of his family the young Agneas was distraught and in his mind created the split personality that is Raven. Raven took over and walked the 20 miles towards, the Capital of Grand Eden, where his plan was to kill the one responsible for the killing of the family. The plan was thwarted by the Captain Faber when he saw Raven sneaking around the castle. Taking him in as a son, the captain taught Agneas/Raven how to fight and defend himself.

    Dragon’s Name: Knight

    Major Strength: Mutant; Wind and Fire.

    Dragon’s Magic: Tornado/Firestorm, Sandstorm/Supernova.

    Dragon’s looks: Knight is a strange breed of dragon, were as most have six spikes on the head, He only has three… One in the centre of the skull and the others are at the back of the jaws. He stands approximately 22 foot from the base of his foot to the top of his head; his wing span is just shy of 18 feet. His whole body is a dark matt grey and he has a couple of spikes on his tail.

    Dragon’s Bio: As an egg, Knight was sent to one of the far reaches of the globe along with his siblings, to await his rider. One day a young man by the name of Agneas was hunting in a forest and came upon a strange green stone which he believed to be an emerald. After hatching Knight was quick to understand the human language, although dragons can talk directly into the minds of their riders, Knight likes to speak openly to Agneas or Raven.

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    Re: A Dragon's Tale (Character thread)

    A Dragon's Tale

    Name : Lethos.

    Age : 19

    Sex : Male

    Race : Dark-elf.

    Alignment : Good and Evil but closer to evil.

    Persona : he's a calm intelligent dark elf that life built ,when angry he becomes the exact opposite he acts fast recklessly without thinking of the possible consequences ... he's caring yet merciless on his enemies

    Clothing : a black suited dark-elf wears a long purple coat with tri-leaves form at the end of the coat and wears purple leather boots and two short purple gloves as well ,these dark colors help him with his assassinating missions.

    Weapons : two short swords , poisoned daggers ,Scythe (given to him a long time ago by a sage related to his father (as a sign of strengthening bonds between two families) ,that sage said to be communicating with the dead until the sage became one himself and disappeared mysteriously).

    Magic : Dark Shield (calls upon shadow to create a shield protecting the dragon master or the dragon itself) ,Shadow Strike(normal attacking skill) ,Soul Link(consume half of the dragon's life force to give a chance to perform a deadly strike (dragon usable only) - note:deadly strikes ... are attacks that weakens enemy strength noticeably with a great chance of giving a killing blow

    Bio :Lethos's family were slain in a robbery in their tree house (he was 12 years old) when he was training in the forest and hunting with a couple of his friends out of the village not too far ,when he knew he was shocked and was filled with extreme hatred and desire for vengeance since he saw that as the only thing he can do for his slain family so he decided to avenge them ... he spent a lot of time to reach the people who caused his family's death and finally did and killed them all(three grouped thieves assassinating them one after one) when he was only 15 years old.after that he became obsessed with killing rogues and thieves to save families that suffered because of them ,trying to archive the thing he couldn't with his family.he's became a hired assassin that mostly accept jobs of killing thieves and rogues.

    Dragon's Name : Erethil.

    Dragon's Major Strength : Ice (dark magic descended from the legendary undead frost wyrms).

    Dragon's looks : Erethil is a normal breed of dragons but that got changed when got stabbed by Lethos's Scythe ... he's a purple-eyed black dragon ,his length standing reaches the abouts of 20 feets with wings length of 22 feets ,has those curved spikes on his wings reaches and three at the end of his tail (like a hand catching form with three fingers)

    Dragon's Bio : On one of Lethos's assassinating missions ,he went to a hide-out of a group of rogues that used to rob traveling Trading caravans on the mountain roads in the western continent under Lionel's rule ... he found the rogues and killed them all but during that fight he accidentally injured a new born normal dragon in that place that belonged to the rogues he killed ,he treated the injured dragon and took care of him and named him "Erethil" ... with time moving forward the dragon gained strange powers that made him capable of communicating with the dead and able to call a small aid from them giving him unique shadow and ice powers ....
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    Re: A Dragon's Tale (Character thread)

    Name: Josip “Bad Boy” Fire Mount

    Age: 16

    Sex: Male

    Race: Dark-Elf

    Alignment: Good

    Persona: Josip is a dark and mysterious character, due to that he doesn’t like to talk much.
    But actions speak louder than words to him. After about 10 minutes, he will start to talk to anyone, if he doesn’t kill you first.

    Clothing: Josip wears a red family crest on the black leather jerkin he wears, red leggings and dark brown riding boots.

    Weapons: Josip wields a mace that was handed down from Grandfather to Grandson in his family; the magical properties of the mace have long been forgotten.

    Magic: Fire heals Napalm strike.

    Bio: Josip was content to stay in his home, but when soldiers came and destroyed the village, He grabbed his mace and headed out to kill the whole squad of soldiers. The following day, He was declared an outlaw and banished from the home he knew so well.

    Dragon’s Name: Destroyer

    Major Strength: Fire

    Dragon’s Magic: Fire blast, Ragnarok

    Dragon’s look: Destroyer is larger than most dragons, at an enormous 32 feet from his clawed feet to the top of his single horned head. Said horn grows from the center of Destroyers snout, resembling today’s Rhinos, with a wing span of 25 feet this dragon is not to be taken lightly in looks.

    Dragons: Bio: Destroyer is a calm and gentle creature, that has distaste for violence,
    After being magically sent to await his rider, Destroyer hatched without his rider present.
    After learning to fly, Destroyer flew to the closest village and began the search for the one who would call him friend. All destroyer wants to do is stop who ever it is that is causing the trouble and fly home to dragon isle.

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    Re: A Dragon's Tale (Character thread)

    Name: Athina “The Flame Mistress”

    Age: 21

    Sex: Female

    Race: Human

    Alignment: Good/Evil depending on her current Occupation.

    Persona: Athina is mainly calm and doesn’t like to fight. Due to her passive nature, she was taken for training as a wizard. But she could not seem to gain the patience needed too control her magic. If pissed off she will just burn you to ashes.

    Clothing: Athina wears a long coat the color of the sun, and this is where she obtained her nickname The Flame Mistress. Underneath her coat she wears brown riding boots, red trews and a blue silk shirt.

    Weapons: Athina Uses an Elven long bow that she had received from one of her close friends before they passed on.

    Magic: Fire tower/ Ice Cap, Healing, Frozen touch (freezes enemies for a short time)

    Bio: When Athina was very young, her adaptation with magic was astounding to all, and she was taken to train as a Wizard on remote islands, known only to masters of the craft.
    But Athina could never quite obtain the patience to control her powers, and accidentally set a house on fire. After this incident the council of Wizards decided to let her find her own way through life.

    Dragon's Name: Icecess

    Dragon's Strength: Mutant…. Fire/Ice

    Dragon’s Magic: Flame strike (Weak), Gale Storm (Strong)

    Dragon’s Looks: Icecess is not you typical looking dragon at all, looking from the left of her she is totally blue, and on her right side, totally red. Having this trait as she is a Mutant dragon, with power over fire and ice. Her wing span reaches 17 feet from tip to tip, and her height, is just shy of 25 feet.

    Dragon’s Bio: Icecess was hatched in a desolate place, for the sun never shone there. A volcano blocked out the suns rays with the great cloud of ash it created. Due to this volcano, snow was always falling in the region, and Icecess was tempered with these two elements. After hatching Icecess took off in search of her rider, and came across a young wizard being chased by bandits. Helping to dispatch these foul beings, it was then that Icecess knew who her rider was.
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    Re: A Dragon's Tale (Character thread)

    Name: Meka LaSalvin

    Age: 18

    Sex: Female

    Race: Dark Elf

    Alignment: Evil... for now

    Persona: Meka is cold and distant. She keeps only to herself unless she feels she can trust someone with her life. Only then will she open up and give them a glimpse of the Meka underneath.She is very clever and smart. She toys with her enemies' minds before she fights, provoking them to make the first strike.

    Clothing: Meka wears black leather vest and pants with knee-high black boots, she also has a small metal shoulder guard on her left shoulder with a black cloak.

    Weapons: Twin swords she named 'Valic and Tharic' she got from her father and a double crossbow she calls 'Caltic' she made herself.

    Magic: Her blood has healing power and can cure any poisin. Meka is a child of the earth and has the ability to make the earth her greatest weapon.

    Bio: Her great-grandfather, the old King of Novâs, was mysteriously murdered. Her family disappeared into the shadows of Novâs. Meka was born into a small village that her father had built. Her mother had tried to have children before, but none lived. Although Meka survived, her mother died after giving birth. And so Meka was raised at the hands of her father. He taught her many things of how magic was in her blood and to use her special powers to call upon the earth for aid. When Meka was 12 soldiers came into the village and imprisoned her Father, claiming he had committed treason against the Queen of Novâska, they had him taken away. Later it was rumored he was executed. Meka never knew who her great-grandfather was and so Meka vowed to avenge her father whom she loved dearly. She started planning to assassinate the Queen of Novâska but she discovered her grandfather's journal. Was her father executed because he was born of royal blood or is her father still alive? Will she find out the true reasons behind her father's disapperance? For the Queen's sake... Meka better uncover the truth soon.

    Dragon's Name: Havok

    Dragon's Strength: Earth/Fire

    Dragon’s Magic: Fire Wind is Havok strongest attack

    Dragon’s Looks: Havok is an unusal dragon. She has eight horns on her head with pericing deep Emerald Green eyes like Meka's. She is also rather large than other dragons. She stands about 30 ft. tall and her wing span reaches 25 ft. Havok has black thick scales with her tail tip green, she also has green tipped wings with a dark sliver belly.

    Dragon’s Bio: Havok was found deep within the earth and given to the care of the Old King of Novâs as a gift.The egg never hatched. After the Old King was murdered. His son took the egg in his keeping, he thought the egg empty and passed it down. Like a family heirloom. But when Meka was conceived the egg hatched and grew up alongside Meka.
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    Re: A Dragon's Tale (Character thread)

    Name: Jurai Honoyu
    Age: 22
    Sex: Male
    Race: Human
    Alignment: not bad and not good

    Persona: Calm and leader type, isn't very good strategist though. Likes to keep low profile. Likes adventures and accepts almost any kind of quest given.

    Clothing: Chinese martial arts suit to give him more agility.

    Weapon: two katanas called Hon and Koo

    Magic: Can't do any magic because of "curse" in his family.

    Bio: He is the descendant of village of greatest martial artists headfamily.
    Their village were slaughtered by some creatures while he, his mom and little brother were out of village. A villager who survived, told them that the creatures who did it, were something that wasn't ever seen before.
    This happened when he was 16. His mom gave him the katanas of their villages first leader, who created them: Hon, which holds power of fire and Rai which holds power of thunder.
    They got their powers from the Dragons the Grand Leader controlled: Honshien, the Grand Fire Dragon of South and Raikai, the Grand Thunder Dragon of North.
    But because of magical powers needed to seal the dragons power into swords, his family haven't been able to use them so they became just signature of the family.
    Now, with katanas Hon and Rai, Jurai travels across the lands and tries to find out who or rather what slaughtered his home village.

    Dragons name: Doesn't have a dragon, but it's said that if he can use the full power of the katanas, he gets dragon which power, when grown-up, is mix of the two ancient dragons.

    Dragon's strength: Will be Fire and Thunder

    Dragon's magic: most powerful attack: not known

    Dragon's looks: Will be determined by the power of controller.

    Dragon's bio: none

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    Re: A Dragon's Tale (Character thread)

    I accept this creation of yours,
    the no dragon part is quite good. and about the magic.
    well done.

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