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Thread: Final Fantasy VIII RPG thread (PM to Join)

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    Re: Final Fantasy VIII RPG thread (PM to Join)

    As Quistis made her way to the canvas in the center of the room the door creaked behind her startling and causing her heart to beat as if it were going to jump right out of her chest. “A little on edge are we?” Quistis quietly said to herself. Upon reaching the canvas Quistis thought with such excitement “I wonder what this piece is going to look like?” Gently lifting the white piece of linen that was covering the piece, Quistis’s emotions raged with excitement and wonder “I just can’t wait!” Quistis thought almost as a child opening a present on Christmas morning.

    “Wh…Wha..WHAT?...It…it is…it is him!…Sq…Squa….SQUALL?!” The piece was truly remarkable indeed and without a doubt was a perfect rendition of her college and formal pupil. However this piece also raised much wonder and left Quistis quite confound… “How does…she know him? Has he been…through here? How long…ago?” But as these questions seemingly overwhelmed Quistis’s thoughts her eyes refocused on the painting…but to her horror. “The scenery…that isn’t anything I have ever seen around Rowle before…No…No wait…Tha…That place…I know that place. LUNATIC PANDORA!?…bu…but…how? How does she know we were there? Who…who is this artist?”

    Quistis’s curiosity was now peeked as she started making her way to the other paintings around the room. Most of the paintings were of some pretty scenery Quistis could only assume to be of the local area but as she started to the paintings that lined the north wall her suspicions were nightmarishly confirmed as each and every painting was of the her or her colleges and their travels during the Lunatic Pandora incident seven years ago… as Quistis came to the last painting an eerie sensation overwhelm her, this painting was a larger one seemingly set aside for a purpose… Quistis’s hand shook fervently as she started to uncovered the painting. “Quistis get it together it is just a painting………no…no..NO! It can’t…it can’t be!”

    Screamed Quistis as to her horror this painting was a full rendition of the fallen Sorceress Adel that her colleges and she had defeated so long ago…but this painting was different…it did not take place in Lunatic Pandora but rather its setting…was the very room Quistis was now standing. The painting almost seemed alive as Adel’s eyes pierced to Quistis’s heart binding her eyes to those of the painting. Grasping at her chest Quistis’s struggled to breathe and only in an effort seemingly achieved solely on adrenaline Quistis broke the fixation and ran as hard as she could from that room and the house she had so eagerly sought out, nary even recovering the paintings she had uncovered.

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    Re: Final Fantasy VIII RPG thread (PM to Join)

    OOC: Sorry just got free time today basically, I'm back to get on this ^_^


    Zell had awoken in the middle of the night in a fright, he had been dreaming about Squall once again. " Get a hold of yourself Zell... we will find him one day. " Zell said with a sigh.

    Zell walked around the Garden looking through the many rooms that he had once walked. Once Zell got to the training center he had heard a screaming voice and immediately ran to the distress.

    Once Zell got to the back of the training center he had stopped to be surprised to see that it was indeed Logan and Lucas fighting a T-Rex and badly injured, Zell ran up T-Rex and with a gallant punch to the chest of the beast it had spewed up a bunch of blood, and ran away in fright.

    Zell standing opposite to the two trembled his fist and screamed " You know you could have been killed..! " Zell was just glad the two youngsters hadn't been killed. Zell took the both of them to the nurse and went to his room till morning.


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    Re: Final Fantasy VIII RPG thread (PM to Join)

    in the cafe of Balam, two seed member are talking about what happen in the previous time in the training center.
    "uh.. i think it is hard to make it if it is a T-rex, do'nt it Logan?" Lucas seem to be discaurages because he fail to beat the T-rex.
    "hei, Logan.. why do'nt we get some small monster first? if not we will end by saved by Zell again"

    Lucas still thinking about that lose. that really distrub him. "Logan, i'm going first. see you"
    in the shop, he buy some fighting stuff. "ah, i take this all, sir."
    the old shop keeper"thank you, young man. you seem to prepare a hard battle.. i hope that monster already prepare for it also".
    Lucas "haha.. don't said like that, sir. by the way thanks you for the chat. i'm leaving now"
    Lucas leaving from the shop, but when he open the door.. he meet Zell.
    "ah.. Mr. Zell"*surprised
    "good afternoon, sir"
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    Re: Final Fantasy VIII RPG thread (PM to Join)

    As Lucas left the cafe, logan finished his coffee, and casuley strolled through the town, he had agreed to meet Lucas in an hour, for some training. Logan cheked his weapons, he had 2 armblades(Swords attached to the arms via a strap on glove!) Logan also had 3 potions, 1 antidote and some eye drops.
    "this should do!" Thought logan to himself. then something caught his eye, it was a small market stall. Logan decided there was no harm in looking and walked up to the stall.
    "Good afternoon kind sir!" exclaimed the merchant, looking happy to have a customor.
    "So, what kind of things do you sell?" asked logan.
    "ooh! Trinkets sir, from distant lands they are!" replied the man, displaying his items.

    Logan had a browse of the items, but saw that they were merly necklaces, nothing much of interest to him. However, something caught his attention. Lying on the table in the center, was a small amulet, with a Ruby in the middle.
    "What is this item sir?" asked Logan, curious to find out.
    "that sir, is an amulet that contains power, power beyond what simple men can understand!" said the man, almost frightend of what he himself, had just said!
    "Well, how much is it?" asked logan, his greed to have something so valuble and rare overwhelming his sense!
    "5000 gill sir!" stated the merchant. Logan was annoyed, he didnt have anough gil to buy the amulet, and it looked so cool! he just had to have it!
    "However, i can see that you, are not as normal as other people, you have some power, so i think that i will make the price... 500 gil!" said the merchant quietly. Logan almost fainted at this! 500 Gil! What a discount!
    "Ok sir! You've got yourself a deal!" said Logan as he handed over the gil.
    "It was a pleasure doing buisness with you sir!" exclaimed the merchant as he handed over the amulet.

    Logan thanked the merchant and walked away. To excited to contain it anymore, he put the amulet around his neck, it wasnt too big, or too small, it was almost as if it had been made for him! Then it happend! The ruby in the center shattered! Out of the shattered ruby came a red spiral of light, and it took logan in a trance. Then without warning, the stange lkight went straight into the center of Logan's chest!
    Logan screamed with agony as pain spilreld through his torso, then it spread up his arms, and down his legs! Then, as soon as it had come, the pain went. Leaving Logan gasping for air. He shakely stood up, as he recovered his bearings. Then he turned to where the stall had been. It had vanished, along with the merchant!

    Logan returned to the garden quickly, he still had 15 minutes before he had to meet Lucas.He undressed and examined his body. He was horrified! His torso now had a large scar going from his right shoulder, to his left hip! his arms and legs were also covered in small scars, his whole body was ruined in a way. Logan still didnt understand what was happening to him, but he sure as hell would track down the man who sold him the amulet, and he would kill him!

    Logan got dressed again and went outside to where he had agreed to meet Lucas.
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    Re: Final Fantasy VIII RPG thread (PM to Join)

    Practicing a fire-sword technique in the training room Miguel was slashing through the air and being there when Zell hit the T-rex it was coming right at him. ''I'm never going to as good as HIM'' Miguel thought to himself,slashing more eraticaly. Then,like a bat outta hecck the T-rex ran right were Miguel was and he cut the monster,looked,and ran until he tripped over the stairs to the dorms.

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