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Thread: Furuba Rp ooc

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    Furuba Rp ooc

    Alrighty, sorry for not making this earlier, but here it is:

    There will be 14 possible characters that you can play as, the 12 zodiac animals plus "god" and the cat.
    The animals are:
    The Rat
    The Ox
    The Tiger
    The Rabbit
    The Dragon
    The Snake
    The Horse
    The Sheep
    The Monkey
    The Rooster
    The Dog
    The Pig

    The characters transform into their animal when hugged by people of the opposite gender who are not a part of the zodiac, excluding "god" and the cat; because I think everyone will be a member of the zodiac, "god", or the cat I think that it will have to be so that even zodiac members hugging will transform them. The transformation is very brief, but I will let you all decide how long you are in that state before you change back.

    There are 5 elements that are assigned to the zodiac members, the elements of metal, water, wood, fire, and earth.

    There are 2 possible versions that you can be, Yin (-) or Yang (+).

    I've added them up and it allows for up to 140 people who can RP in the forum, of course not that many people are going to play but just in case I made enough room for them. Also, there can only be one of each; example: there cannot be two yin metal rats or two yang wood sheep.

    The rules for being "god" and/or the cat are simple, you must rp in the forum until you have made a good impression on the other rp'ers and that is when I will ask them and you what you would like to be; of course that means the death or disappearance of your current rp character.

    The cat will change into a horrible monstrous cat-like demon when his/her beads have been taken off ( the cat must wear the beads at all times unless they feel like transforming into it, of course the cat is shunned because of this monstrous self.). The cat still transforms into a cat when hugged and the dragon will turn into a seahorse, it is the modern equivelant to a dragon.

    The story line goes like this:
    The curse from the fruits basket manga (I've only read to volume 16) will have been lifted, in a way, and the characters lived their lives to the fullest and in peice. That is until the 10 "gods" of the five elements and their yin and yang polarities came together to create an even stronger curse. this curse plagues the other members of the sohma family, only 130 members of the family, and the are possesed by the zodiac animals and their 5 elements and yin and yang polarities. The cursed 130 members are now left to choose the "gods" over their freedom.

    Something like that, of course you will have to make an original character for the rp and not rip off a character from Fruits basket.

    The 5 elements allow the cursed zodiac member to, in a way, control that element. Fire controls fire, water controls water, metal controls metal, wood controls plants, earth controls rock/earth. Also, the "gods" have a special ability, along with the cat, to transform into an other worldly being, like the monstrous cat form for the cat.

    The curse will take affect within the latest year that occured. Also, no one knows what the curse is except the "gods" and a few select npc's that live with the "gods". I have also decided that when the "gods" are hugged they will turn into a plant, which plant they are is undecided as of now, whichever the pc's that become those "gods" will choose I guess, and the"gods" have the same abilities as the zodiac members elements that they rule over and a little more...I'm leaving that a secret until someone becomes a "god".

    Ok, that is it, now for my profile:

    Name: Urusai Sohma
    Age: 16
    Height: 5ft. 6in.
    Weight: 125lbs.
    Gender: Male
    Hair Color: Brown
    Skin Color: Very light tan
    Eye Color: Dark Blue
    Vision: 20-20
    Handedness: Right
    Birthday: February 28, 1991
    Likes: Manga books, anime, stuffed toys, animals, eating, talking, dancing, etc.
    Dislikes: When the fridge is out of food, and wearing fancy clothes.
    Appearance: Wears baggy blue long-sleeved shirt with the word "Nya" written on it in red, really short blue jean shorts, no shoes ever, and a moon shaped earing on his right ear.
    Member: Yin Wood Cat
    If your happy and you know it make a kitty!!! =^_^= <Meow!

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    Re: Furuba Rp ooc

    Sweet. It's here.
    Can I join too?
    Here's a profile:

    Name:Yasuo Sohma
    Height:5ft, 7in.
    Hair colour:Coal Black
    Skin Colour:Pale
    Eye colour:Cloudy Blue
    Birthday:2nd Oct 1979
    Likes:Acting, Kind People, Movies, Tasty food
    Dislikes:Worrying, Arguements, Decision-making, Loneliness
    Appearance:Wears Glasses, hair is short, pewter gray jumper/jacket, creamy brown trousers.
    Member:Yin Earth Sheep
    Bio:Calm, sensitive, level-headed Yasuo is the sheep of the chinese zodiac.
    He is also a small-time actor, often starring in televised dramas and is very bashful around girls he likes, but doesn't find the courage to make the first move.
    He's especially fond of people who are kind to him.
    When Yasuo found out about his curse, he tries to avoid girls which mistake his distancing for shyness (they're not very wrong either) and often hide his insecurities though it still haunts him.
    Yasuo also does not like major arguements or fights and will take the role as peace keeper when necessary.

    Hope this is OK. I can update it if you want. I'm doing by the actual real year of the Earth Sheep, if that's the idea.

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