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Thread: .Hack Mercury (In Production)

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    .Hack Mercury (In Production)

    .Hack Mercury

    The World. A place in which kids and adults all across the world come to meet one another and help one another in quests for a rare prize in the end after the defeat of a certain enemy within a dungeon. The players enjoying the World with their own created characters by ALTIMIT have five servers to go through in which they all start in Delta until accepted by ALTIMIT administrators to attend the other four. A character infectation is rare and must be deleted immediately just to make sure incidents to happen again five years ago.

    Now the World being a safe server to return to there has been signs of players losing control of their characters and remaining attached to the game. The playable character eyes will change to glowing yellow and yellow lines of infection will go across the character skin shortly engulfing them transforming the one character into a monster as the person in state of mind playing the game will into a trance of sleep which was like the incident five years ago. ALTIMIT creators recognized the virus and categorized it as “Mercury.”

    Any infected character that contains Mercury will have to be dealt with immediately. They will show no mercy and furtherly be known as a PK (Player Killer). Monsters have also been showing signs of infected by the virus of Mercury as few servers has been severely damaged and others maintained to a minimum of few virus infect ants. All players would be suggested to log-out but no actions of that are acceptable due to Mercury.

    No Godmoding
    PM me your bios before posting
    Controlling of other character must be accepted by the other person
    A minimum of three “paragraphs” but more is acceptable

    Username- (No need for a last name. Just a user name in which you are referred to upon this rp)
    Appearance- (Be descriptive. It’s no fun if we don’t have a visual of your character)
    Personality- ( How does the person act. Lone wolf, friendly, etc.)
    Biography- (Reasons why you joined the game.)
    Mercury Infected- ( I’m playing as one of them. Depending on how many rpers maybe more)
    Class- (One of the classes below)
    Abilities- ( One to two abilities until further development of your character)


    Twin Blade- Person will be granted with quick swift movements of blades sort of like daggers to strike the oppponent with.

    Wave Master- With magic as your friend you may assist your friends and attack from a distance.

    Blade Master- A blade sword in which you strike your opponent down with delicate movements.

    Heavy Blade- Smash your enemy in two. Enough said.

    Longarms-Give yourself the reach in striking your opponents.

    Heavy Axeman- Although slow and low in accuracy with their axes they’ll chop you down to size.

    PK- A class in which may not be obtained. ALTIMIT may only grant it to few players to use three different weapons. One being the Scythes as the specialty of this class.

    It is not one of my best rps I have created but since this rp area is pretty low I decided to add a little zest. Just need an approval. So what do you all think.
    (Usually I would rp with the advance squad back at the last forums but I can't find no area of that. So this is for everyone. Doesn't mean i won't decline you though.)

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    Re: .Hack Mercury (In Production)

    Your idea seems promising, sorry if I didn't reply earlier, I just got access to my PC about get an OOC thread up and make sure to have all your rules and a good startup story ready. Make that OOC thread your RECRUITMENT thread.
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    Thanks to Xelhes for this amazing work of art ^.^

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    Re: .Hack Mercury (In Production)

    i would be interested in joining , when you get the recruitment thread up of course

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    Re: .Hack Mercury (In Production)

    I am interested in this rp as well. I just got done playing .hack//G.U/vol.1:Rebirth. I loved it! I still have yet to play the previous games though but I have always loved the show too.

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