STORY: its 21st century in japan. it has been 6 years since that day. thats the day the war started. the government bombed us causing nation wide panic. the government had decided that japan's people are becoming more aware, they are standing up against them, wanting different things. panic and hysterica started causing thousands of people to riot in the streets. people against people some wanting to stop the government and make them pay, others were with the government agreeing with them. the millatary running over us taking no prisoners. every where you look soldiers waiting to pounce. its time to start a rebellion!!!!!!!

im klandriia im in the TB organisation. im one of the rebels i was dragged into this a year ago the TB organisation is an organisation set up to stop and over throw the government. too many people have died and its hard work to stay alive. the streets are a blood bath and there are no allies to help you more than enough assasins have been sent to discover our location and take us out. we need more people to join us and fight against the government.
if you would like to join post me kk

my character profile:
NAME: klandriia phernus
AGE: 19
GENDER: female
RACE: human
WEIGHT: 124lbs
WEAPONS: 2 dragon patterned daggers, a sword
SPELLS: none
SIDE: nuetral she's both

PERSONALITLY: klandriia is a quiet person who keeps to herself, she is loyal and kind to those she knows. she can be moody and short tempered at times but she is usually calm and respectful.

DESCRIPTION: klandriia has long redish brown hair down to her waist which she always has in a plait, she has blue eyes, quite pale but not white pale, she wears a crimson red vest top with black shorts and black boots. she has a dagger strapted to each thigh and has her sword on her back in a sheath.

BACKGROUND: when klandriia was born her mother died due to internal bleeding. so she lived with her father. she was a happy cheerful child who was spoilt, she loved her father dearly, when she was 13 she wittnessed her father being murdered by a gang of criminals as they were walking home from a resturant. klandriia was taken to an orphanage but left when she was 15 to search for her fathers killers and seek revenge, she had got her revenge on all the gang members by the time she was 18. during this time she learnt martial arts and the art of sword fighting. and sure enough people started to pay her to exterminate or find out information on certain people, she has learnt to like this job and the money it pays. this is how she became an assasin. she does this job because she is good at it and enjoys the thrill of the hunt.

KNOWN JOBS: assasinations and gathering research