If it is okay i would like to start a new rp based on the popular kingdom hearts video game series.

Intetwined Destinies

Long long ago was an era dubbed the Dark ages. Darkness surged throughout the universe destroying worlds and taking peoples hearts. Then a young boy came forth, promising to vanquish the darkness. He found allies traversing the universe with a mysterious weapon called a keyblade. A weapon that had the power to destroy the darkness and protect the worlds against it. Upon his travels the boy confronted many enemies even his best friend. His friend used the power of darkness to regain the heart of a dear friend. But things were not to be so. A man obsessed with darkness offered the boy more power, but in the end used him to gain his own evil deeds. The chosen boy along with his friends sought out this upcoming threat, eventually defeating the dark man. In the end the boy and his friends found themselves at a door. The door to the heart of all worlds. With the help the king and his best friend. The boy sealed the door using the keyblade. The boy then began on a second quest. the quest to find his lost friend and the king.

The boy traveled long and wide, eventually he found himself at a mysterious castle. In this castle were cards that held all of your power. he traveled through this castles aiming to find his long lost friend. Each floor a different memory from sora's heart. An organization bent on becoming whole tried to manipulate the boy into being one of their puppets. Even crafting a fake of the chosen boys friend. The chosen boy eventually, with the help of his friends, defeated each of the members who were currently there. And as he progressed more and more of soras memories were lost, being replaced with farces memories. After traversing each floor the chosen boy made his way to the top floor with only one goal in mind. To save the white witch. though the boy fought for her it was all a fake. She manipulated the boys memories into a chain. a chain of lies. Though she did this, her hand was forced by the current leader of the castle. He tried to destroy sora after realizing that he couldnt have control over him. But with the power of his heart and friends the chosen boy defeated him. The white witch being sorry for what she did put the boy and his friends into a deep sleep restoring all of their old memories. Meanwhile the boys true friend had been there all along and was working his way up from the bottom floor. With the help of the king, The chosen boy's friend destroyed all dark memories he had and conqured the reappeared dark man.

1 year later The chosen boy and his friends awake regaining all of their old memories. They awake in a strange place and eventually find out what was going on. A new enemy had appeared along with more darkness. and was ravaging the universe once again. The chosen boy then embarked on a second quest. Defeating the new enemy, The Darkness, and the Orgainization.

Now, many,many years after the Dark ages. Where peace reigns and chaos is no more. A threat is looming over the horizon. Dark creatures have appeared once again. Along with the new enemies. Abyss creatures calling themselves neo oni are controlling them with the goal of blotting out the universe with darkness. now it is time for new keybladers to come forth and fight this new menace. Come forth and embrace your destiny.

No godmodding
No powerplaying
No flaming
Detailed. No illiteracy allowed also use punctuation
Pg -13 fighting and violence

Any one who is a neo oni will eventually die, but don’t worry youll be back
You have to post at least a paragraph so the rp doesen’t suck
Pm me for questions

Traverse town
Deep jungle
Holloween town
Olympus coliseum
End of the world
Disney castle
Beasts Castle
Land of the Dragons
Pride rock
Pirates of Caribbean
Space Paranoids
Radiant Garden
Primary World*
Scare City*
Village hidden in the leaves*
Deserted lands*
Mushroom Kingdom*
World of light
World of dark
World of twilight
World of Endless
World of Nothingness

Primary world*-fight with A digimon that is a representation of you
Scare City*-you are a monster form of yourself
Village hidden in the leaves*-Youll have cool ninja gear
Deserted Lands-youll have armor here
Mushroom kingdom*-youll have cloths similar to the mushroom kingdom theme.

Abilities(12 Max)
Ultimate moves(1 for now)
Magic(basic only)

Neo oni
Subordinate heartless/nobody/endless
Reactionaries-moves that can be countered. (remember kh2 the battles in which you had to press triangle.)
Ex. Final slash. Noxin unleashes a slash of unmeasurable power. If not dodged, cuts opponent in half
Utimate move

Ultimate move