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    Ki Masters

    OK folks.
    This is my first attempt at RPGing. Read on for story, rules and profile setup.
    PM me if you like join.


    Story line: Set in an age not very much different to ours, is a world where Martial Arts play a vital role in lives of many. Of all the techniques performed, Ki or life energy manipulation became the most exploited. Wide was this ability, that every martial artist can wield it by hard training, both for healing and for attack.
    Ki must be not used constantly in a single fight, as being the lifeforce of a person could have fatal effect on that person.

    In this world are seven major cities, each bearing a name after an animal of shaolin roots:
    Hyo City (Leopard)
    Tsuru City (Crane)
    Tora City (Tiger)
    Saru City (Monkey)
    Hebi City (Snake)
    Kamakiri City (Mantis)
    Ryu City (Dragon)
    Each city has a Dojo, where one of seven sensei teach. Their students are taught not only taught in anything goes style self-defense, but also the training of manipulating their ki, based on their will and thought. Such moves include channeling ki into harmless items like cloth and wood to make them razor sharp or solid enough to break bones, create illuminations like attacking beasts or even self-healing.
    Another aspect of all the dojos is that each one, not only has their fair number of students but also ancient sacred scrolls placed in their care.

    The dojos are at constant war with each other due to a long history of rivalry between them. Because of this and the fact that the scrolls should not fall in the hands of a seemingly immortal renegade sensei, Annual Trials are held one generation after another, pitting the schools against each other.
    The students and sensei will fight until til their individual dojo becomes victorius, in which they would fight among themselves until one is left standing as the new sensei or as some students affectionately call Ki Master.

    But every story has to have a villain and that is the renegade sensei who seeks power, which can be found in the scrools that the seven schools have.
    Planning on killing the sensei and their students to achieve this power, the villain runs a dojo of his/her own, located five kilometers under the earth's surface. The scrolls alone harbour a very dark secret.
    The students would deal with their coming of age life stories.

    Here's the profile:
    Ki/Chi/Aura colour:
    Martial Arts Moves (up to 5 made-up moves, but no magic. Keep it human. Names and Descriptions required):
    Weapon (if any, could be anything within reason):
    Ki Technique (up to 3, one healing ad 2 for attack):

    So what do you folks think?
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    Re: Ki Masters

    I think your idea is great, so if you want, you can copy/paste this idea in the OOC section, writing something like this as the thread name:

    Ki Masters OOC/Recruitment


    All you need now is people to join, they can post their thoughts of joining directly in the thread, unless you insist on having them PM you before doing anything, which I find is fine. Good luck
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    Thanks to Xelhes for this amazing work of art ^.^

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    Re: Ki Masters

    Thanks very much.

    I've done that straight away.

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    Re: Ki Masters

    Thats a good idea i've never been on the RPG but i sounds good meh

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    Re: Ki Masters

    If you like to join, please go the OOC section.
    I'm new with RPGs myself, so I know how you feel.

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