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Thread: Lucky Star RP

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    Post Lucky Star RP


    Ms. Kuroi introduced some new students Konata and the others were in. They made friends with them, there were also guys. Now they knew their lives changed........forever.

    Name:Sakura Ushira
    Personality:Coming Soon
    Bio:Coming Soon

    That's all! Bye-ni!! *wink*

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    Re: Lucky Star RP

    Name: Nina Oharu
    Personality:Kind,caring, sporty. She can be a little too competitive sometimes.
    Bio: She has always wanted to be a soccer star since she was 3. Her brother was always the achiver and she was left to watch him succed with all the glory. She wanted to outshine him by doing something he has never done. Play soccer. She has traveled different countries and played in soccer tournements. She only has one more destenation left before she can become the best soccer player and outshine her brother.

    Apperance: Black Shoulder length hair which she always wears in two braids, black almond shaped eyes.

    FYI: She looks like the girl in my profile picture and in the cover of my album. So look at that and that is her.
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    Re: Lucky Star RP

    ha ha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha. Sorry, is lucky star a good anime?
    The world is full of fear and despair, that is is why we must find the light in this pit of darkness.

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    Re: Lucky Star RP

    i don't know..... i thought she just made it up. Is she using a real anime?

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