OverRide is a game that many people are playing, and getting good at. Each OverRider has a special arm piece. That arm piece lets them transform into a Mechabot. A Mechabot varies in qualities. It is determined by the qualities of the human user. Each time someone transforms, or overrides, they must scream: "OverRide!" as they click a button on the device if they want to transform. Each OverRider arm piece, or a driver, has a GPS system, a messaging system, and a stats display. The stats display can show the health, power level, or equipment and powers of either themselves or someone else. The power level determines how strong the Mechabot is.

Here is my character. You must require all of the following that I put:

Name: Milo Rayne

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Driver color: Red

Appearance: Has longish, light-brown hair. In between tan and lighter skin. Wears casual, teenager's clothing.

Personality: Has a sort of "hero" personality.

Mechabot Name: Demon

Mechabot appearance: http://gundam.anime.net/images/mecha/MSN-04.GIF

Mechabot abilities: Super resistance/Second form/Flamethrower from wrists/

Second Form Name: Gundam Soul

Second Form: (Only if it has one) http://gundam.anime.net/images/mecha/MSN-04-2.Sh.GIF

Second form abilities: Mega Plasma Gun/ Rocket boosters for ultimate speed/Super Shield

Each Mechabot can have 2 powers and a second form with the second form having 3 powers. Please post and add to the story.

This is where the story begins.

Chapter 1

The Worldwide Fight Begins

Milo was walking around. He was not transformed. He was looking for a challenge.