Terabithia... a world built upon religion, angels speak often to the world, and have always guided the people from behind the scenes… the church of Susje Tirshc holds great influence through the world, and people often dedicate there lives to the angels who have guided them in the path we lowly beings call life. The very culture of Terabithia was founded upon the word of Susje Tirshc, the great angel of the ancient times, no one asks why, this is just the way it is, and has always been, the people have simply never known otherwise. Records of a time before that have been long lost.

But nothing can last forever, and some things happen without an explanation, no matter how hard we wish to hold on to the good in our lives, we must be ready to accept the other side of the coin we have been tossed.

In recent centuries the world of Terabithia has been in decline. A world separated by hate and prejudice, poverty and pain. Crops fail, rain hardly falls, plants struggle to grow, the land is being depleted and no one knows why. People vie for power, people struggle for hope and, as is our nature-people fight and kill, to get what they want.

Two main races have lived in Terabithia. The Saipan, and the Cronon. Two races that were separated by the declining of the world. In the old time, the two lived in peace and harmony, but such a time is but a far off memories of generations long past. The people now only know of the conflict between them. The two races are similar, almost identical; the only strand separating the two is the very thing that threatens to take the little life left on the world. The force that is Reiki.

Reiki is the very life of the world… flowing within and without, fertilizing the world like a pulse. The Cronon have always had the ability to tap into the Reiki that flows freely within the world, draw upon it, and cast it out in spells. Academies were built to study the effects of the Reiki, but all this has been in the past. As the Reiki supply began to drop in the world the Cronon could feel it. There seemed to be no cause, no real reason for the Reiki to began dropping, but it began to vanish.

People prayed, people turned to the church, but no answers came, the angels spoke to the people, giving guiding words to the Cronon and the Saipan. But any messages of peace they spoke were lessons not learned by the people, It was not long after the Angels spoke to the Cronon that things really began to take motion, People began losing there homes, crops began to fail, and the age of decline took effect. It happened like some sick form of clockwork, a chain reaction leading to the unavoidable split. For years the Cronon and Saipan had never viewed themselves as different… they had always been one…

No matter how much we like to say we are above it, we are greedy creatures, and though there are differences, and though both sides would now refuse to admit it, the Cronon and Saipan were the same in nature… The mana was slipping, and when any natural resource of the world begins slipping, people horde it for themselves, or they at least try…

People saw those around them dieing, losing there homes, losing the only things they loved, and the differences in the people became more apparent. No matter what peace activists said at the time, it was unavoidable, if the Saipan had the power, they would have made the first move, but it was the Cronon who could use the Reiki, and though in truth, this means little in the terms of there power over each other, they saw it as something more. They saw themselves as different, even if the difference wasn’t a great advantage, but when people see difference, they instantly see there side as superior.

In fear of losing the Cronon broke apart from the Saipans, and formed the Coven. The Coven viewed there people as superior to the Saipans, those who could not even feel the Reiki flowing from the world, those who once lived in peace merely separated at first, but as the Coven became more aggressive, and radicals began capturing any that were not part of there ranks and used them as they saw fit, The Coven suppressed the Saipans, and any Cronon that did not join there cause and those who had once been brothers, grew to hate one another.... But of course, all this is history, and not often looked upon. Like all conflict in history it, was soon buried under the prejudice they felt, most don’t know or care to know that they once lived in harmony.

People could not see any answer before there eyes, it is our nature to want an easy way out, we would rather look at what we knew, what was safe, what worked, so we did what we had always done, prayed to the angels. The angels looked at us with sadness in there eyes, they seemed to have no wisdom for us, no guidance and the hurt in there eyes disheartened the people, yet as always people hoped, and hope carried on though time. Years becoming decades, becoming lifetimes becoming centuries… Until the angels spoke to them once again…

They came bearing a crystal, similar to those found around the world, the only thing that gave the Saipans any control of any Reiki, “Reiki Life Crystals” But the angels spoke that the crystal they gave them now was not such a common trinket, that it was the work of them pouring there heart and power to help the people, A special crystal imbedded with power as ancient as the Angels and the Church of Susje Tirshc itself… They said that throughout the world there were ancient towers, towers filled with a power that could be used to help the world, return some amount or Reiki to the land of Terabithia. They said it was outside of there power to reach the power they spoke of, for it could only be reached by a young and pure soul, a mortal and a mortal alone could save them.

And so the angels picked the vestal to hold the crystal, a young man by the name of Jobe. The angels told him that the journey would be hard, and perilous. The temples where the seals were located were known to exist, but records of there location had been long lost, but the angels guided them in hints and trials, Jobe was giving protectors by those around him, and they made the journey, No one knows what happened to Jobe, all they know is he was successful, he was never seen again, nor were his protectors, but the people were not worried, for they could see the world was getting stronger…

The crystal had been returned to the angels, and they spoke well of Jobe and his protectors, and the world got stronger, but this was only for a fleeting moment. The world did get stronger, but it was still weak, but the people didn’t care, for it was better than what they had always known, But soon the world began to weaken yet again, so the angels came again, and spoke to them again, and the process was repeated… and the world became stronger for short times, slowing down and breaking up the process of decline with short breaks of prosperity even if they were only for a fleeting instant. It was all we could do, and it was the only hope we had… But this of course, is ancient history.

The process is repeated to this day, not all are successful, some die before they can finish the journey… though the bad still exists, and it is all the people have…


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