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Thread: Rhapsody of Destruction

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    Re: Rhapsody of Destruction

    Raskove sighs as he heard Lady Arcueid speech, he lowered his head to the floor, keeping his concnerned eyes from such proposal. "Lady Arcueid of the Chrnos family, long have we been waiting for such proposal for such noble cause, though I must ask, "Why?" why are you in need of peace when we should have had it a long time ago, our ancestor's would've set aside our difference's and agreed to mutual terms." Raskove kept his voice tuned and calmed, Zuri walked up and standed next to Raskove as so did his captain of the Honor Guards.

    "For so long have we been expecting a member of the Chrnos family to ask such terms, and in return you will send soldiers to safeguard my palace?, my people have longed for sun and grass, long have they been asking for pure water from rivers, long have they been seeking cool breezes from cold mountains, and yet here you are, with your councils and other members of the Chrnos family." Raskove steps up from his throne and walks down the aisle steps, "So far as we trend along the path, hoping to become worthy of such noble cause is so fragile, peace is so fragile, love is so fragile."

    Raskove walks towards Lady Arcueid, he bows his head in a small matter, "Lady Arcueid of the Chrnos family, I will respond to your proposal with one answer, The members in this chamber and I have been hoping that it would be 'you' who would come to us and offer peace, so we had agreed before you took one step on the front gate, Lady Arcueid?" Raskove lowered himself to his knees and bowed to the presence of Lady Arcueid, "You have my answer."
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    Re: Rhapsody of Destruction

    "I've finaly done it," Marcus said as he held up hs staff. "The spell worked." Marus walked out of his cave going to find a new experiment to test his new toy on. The only problem with his new found weapon was he had to have enough souls to make it work. Marcus found his target in a abandoned part of town. Marcus condensed his souls down into a fine point and the blade appeared. Green with souls Marcus moved behind the man and stabed him through with it.
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    Re: Rhapsody of Destruction

    (Sorry itss been forever, i was camping i've been sick and a bunch of other jazz)

    Aura stops in front of the Jagara house. "There is fighting going on. why must violence exists?" She sighs. "Because the world is full of hate." Yuuki state as if is she asked the color of the sky. It was natural to expect such questions from her sister, always curious of everything. Yet Yuuki could not always answer everything. "It's between that Kazaf and Kohanna, but who thay are fighting.... I cannot be sure of" Aura says. "I am not sure, but otherwise, yes, you are right my sister" Yuuki says smiling at Aura's knowledge. But still they had not spoken to Touya, Which is still their goal. "Dawn is approaching." Aura says as she walks up the steps. Yuuki turns to her and nods and starts running.

    They reach Master Touya's room. Yuuki look's to the servant and questions him "Is Master Touya in his room? We need him ASAP"
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    Re: Rhapsody of Destruction

    When Xion came to the city he looked at the buildings.
    "This can be intressting." he whispered to himself.
    He walked into the city and looked where all the stores were.
    he stood infront of a food store and looked at the windows and the door.
    "This will be easy." he thoughed and smiled.
    He walked into the shop and boughted an appel and walked out of the city.
    "Tonight i will be back, and it looked like it was really tasty food in the shop." he said with a smile.
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