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Thread: RPGing, curious. How does it work?

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    RPGing, curious. How does it work?

    OK, it seems you guys have some sort of story based Role Play going on here, but I'm interested in a bit more info. I've read the sticky topics about this, but I was at least hoping to clarify whether or not I've got this right.

    Obviously, to start I create a character according to these guidelines;
    Race (if race is different in RPG ask the RPG Starter)
    Spells (magic if RPG specific)
    Side (Good Bad neutral)

    A Detailed Description

    * Background/History
    * Known Jobs
    (Copied from the "Character Profile Setup" topic)

    But what I'm curious about is;
    1} can I have multiple characters? If so, can I list them in the same entry? I'm thinking about using some of the Characters I've invented to go into the Anime's I've watched. I've mentioned at least 2 so far, & I wouldn't mind being inspired for more background.

    2}Do I have to remain online or have to be visible during a "battle"? I ask because I usually tend to remain invisible on all forums I travel. It would normally take a special occasion for me to change to visible.

    3}How long to "Battles" take? As in, do they go on for a few days, or is it a 1 day event? I dare say it depends on the "battle", but I'm asking anyway.

    I see if I can give an example of what I'm thinking of. If it's the right kind of thing & the actual profile is Ok, I'll move it into the list along with everyone elses .

    Universe:One Piece
    name:Unknown. Last used when he was about 7. Has since forgotten.
    nicknames: The Fallen Avenger, The Devil, monster, etc. Not all due to appearance.
    Age:early/mid 20's.
    Race:Human born with Cursed Fruit powers
    Height:about 1.8 meters
    Weight:unknown. Seems to be of medium build.
    Appearance: Usually goes about wrapped in a full body trench coat, complete with a hood which hides his face from all but the most determined observer. Beneath is a pair of Jeans & a shirt, both faded from Black. The Iris of each eye is yellow, & he has a "crown" of horns growing around the top of his head, just above eye level. His skin appears slightly redder than normal, but grows redder as he's angered. Is also never seen without a cigar in his mouth, thought to be an attempt to cover the constant wisp of smoke coming out of it, due to the "Smokesmoke" fruits' side effects. Sharp teeth have also been reported.
    Side:Good, seeking redemption. Hunted by many bounty hunters & by Navy due to large bounty on his head.
    occupation: Rumored to be the latest Captain of "The Cursed Shadows".

    * Background/History:He was born within the region known as the Great Line ((Sorry if I got the name wrong)), to parents both possessing the powers of a Cursed Fruit each. With his mother having the power of the "Smokesmoke" fruit (turn body parts into smoke, obviously) & his father the "flareflare" fruit (turn body parts into fire, I think control it), they were terrified when their little boy toddler started displaying the powers of both fruit, only increased in power & ability. However they never got to worry for long, only till he was about 7, as a Pirate so powerful he'd never been heard of wiped out their town. The only reason the boy was the first ever survivor of this pirate was because due to his power, the pirate could see he had cursed fruit powers, so didn't finish him when the child fell into the well. What the pirate didn't know is because he was born with those powers, they only deactivated when in water, not shut him down. After emerging from the well to find his entire life destroyed, he vowed to avenge them all.

    He traveled around the world, searching for both the pirate that looked like a ghostly Death & a means to kill him. He was there when Loofy ate the Gumgum Fruit, finishing off what was left first chance he had. He later found his nemesis, facing off against him only to find no way to affect him what so ever. This time it was his invention of ankle-brace-style "Ramjets" (jet engines that need speed to keep airflow going through, & therefore working) working off his Flareflare powers & using "Gumgum Rocket" to get airborne, that allowed him to escape, flying away like some kind of out of control rocket. He survived the battle, but the landing needed serious work, along with the rest of him.

    Continuing his search, he later came across a fruit he'd never heard of before, called the "Devidevi" fruit, granting flight on a pair of bat style wings that extend from your back, but at a cost. Not caring about the cost, he ate up. Along with the wings, it also caused a ring of horns to grow just above the eye line, his iris' to turn yellow & his skin to take a redder tone. His new appearance made identifying him easier, with responsibility for many disasters being linked to him. These include angering a Merman, who proceeded to destroy the town the occurrence was reported to happen in. Monkey D. Loofy was later reported to have visited here soon after. Another disaster blamed on him was the destruction of a small volcanic island, when he battled his nemesis. His Flareflare powers ignighted the volcano, which blew the island to pieces, wiping out the only native village & all occupants, & the Navy Outpost the Pirate was attacking. There were only 3 survivors, Navy officers who fled when the battle started. Their reports were taken then they were punished for desertion.

    If recent reports are to be believed, he was finally able to defeat his nemesis. He has been reported on board a Pirate Ship, known as "The Cursed Shadows", serving as its Captain. If intel is to be believed, the only way to gain Captaincy of "The Cursed Shadows" is to kill the previous Captain & have some sort of power transfer occur. It is also reported that if the Captain has the powers of a cursed fruit, he has access to several powers possessed by the ship itself.

    If this is true, there is 1 report which could identify his nemesis. There is a report of a pirate who found the rarest fruit of all, the "Reapreap" fruit, which grants you the power to leave your body, taking on the appearance of Death himself & becoming ethereal in this form, though their body remains defenseless. By swinging his scythe at you, he can slice through most objects, while animals hit by it lose health & feel like they have been cut where the ethereal blade passes. Calling himself "The Reaper", he hunted down & killed the Captain of "The Cursed Shadows". Direct reports end there, though there are many reports of villages entirely wiped out, bodies laying dead with no damage visible to any testing.

    As for the subject himself, though he used to go about without caring how his actions affected others, there are reports that his attitude has changed. He seems to have seen the sheer destruction his lifestyle has caused & wishes to seek redemption for what he has done. This however has changed nothing in the eyes of the Navy, who continue to have a huge bounty hanging over his head. With whoever manages to claim the bounty on him being set for life, combined with his terrifying appearance, his life isn't going to get any easier with the defeat of his nemesis.

    For most of his life, he was nothing more than a curse upon those unfortunate enough to cross his path. He did tinker with things he found, even invented 1 or 2 things himself. One such thing is the ankle braces he added piping to, turning them into Ramjets. The main problem with them is the fact he has to get up a certain amount of speed before they can start working. He usually does this either by using his "Gumgum" powers to launch himself, or by gaining altitude, then diving until he reaches ignition speed.

    So, there's my attempt. Have I got the right info, & is my character up to scratch? It's probably a bit long, but it does ask for a detailed background.
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    Re: RPGing, curious. How does it work?

    This hefty story is told quite well, though the fruit which have names of their powers of sort seem strangely named none the less. Your vocabulary is very diverse and coherent. This world in which you seem to be part of, the character that lives in this world I mean, seems quite interesting and could very well be a place where many could role play. You should submit your idea of a world, describe it, more or less explain what kind of characters could join, further explain the various fruits that exist and the many events that people could use to further create their characters from diverse areas in this world.

    This section of the forum is for these stories to take place and not for questions, if you have questions, you can either PM me directly or write your question here:

    Sorry for my late reply, I'm currently on my by-yearly dissapearance act from animeonline and the only reasons I answered this is because I felt compelled to check on my baby....the RPing section.

    I will be closing this thread as it has been answered and I'm not certain how to merge this post in another thread where it could better serve as a question. You can post your world and idea here if you still want to do so:

    Or look in the OOC section here if you want to join a game:

    And you should post your character here to keep him safe and easy to find if ever you want to use him in a story:
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