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Thread: Syrix Jaggerjack

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    Syrix Jaggerjack

    Name:Rukai Jaggerjack
    Class: shinigami
    rank:10th squad
    General characteristics: 5'9,male, short green bluish hair, black eyes, and the body of a normal 17 year old boy. Rukai was always serious and determined but quiet.
    Soul slayer name: Rashide
    Release command for shikai:Moonu
    Shikai form: looks similar to grimmjow's sword
    Release command for bankai: Buroode moonu(blood moon)
    Bankai form: looks like ichigo's
    Soulslayer: direct attack
    Abilities: when in shikai form it is light weight but can cause a lot of damage. when in bankai form the strength of the zanpaku-to and the user increase by 10. also when in bankai damage to a foe is also increased.
    spirit: Crojan the green wolf

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    Re: Syrix Jaggerjack

    The reason no one is accepting your character is because

    1) The RPG Forum, is where an RP TAKES PLACE.

    2) Each Character is unique to an RP. Your shinigami would not be a fitting character in a normal high school RP. In other words, you have a different character for every RP. You can have the same character if the guidelines for the RP allow you to.

    3) You must join/make an RP in the RPG Ideas the person in charge of the RP will accept or deny your character there.
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    Re: Syrix Jaggerjack

    This is the wrong area and we don't allow double.. or triple.. posting on this website. If you wish to Role Play join or attempt to make one in the RPG Ideas section.


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