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Thread: Tales Of The Abyss 2 ( Fatal Bonds)

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    Tales Of The Abyss 2 ( Fatal Bonds)

    If you havent beat Tales of the abyss then do not read any further Spoilers obviously follow because this takes place after the game ends also if you have never played its your choice weahter you want to join or not but be for warned

    Our story takes place on the world of Auldrant, a planet composed of Fonons: a material energy found in all things. Long ago, a new kind of Fonon was discovered, but great chaos was brought with the finding. By using this newest Seventh Fonons, one could read the future. One such Seventh Fonist, Yulia Jue, put in place a future for the world for thousands of years to come. This prophecy of the future's set path became known as the "Score" and is documented on stone tablets which were scattered throughout the world. The nations of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear and Malkuth have fought over the fragments of these tablets for generations, each uncovering them and hoping to discover the future before the other.

    the year is ND 2017. Luke fon Fabre, the son of Duke Fabre of the Kimlasca Kingdom, is 17 years old. He is the Light of the Sacred Flame who is destined to bring prosperity to Kimlasca. But since being kidnapped seven years ago by the Malkuth empire, he has been kept confined to the Fabre family mansion. The shock of the kidnapping erased all of Luke's memories prior to the event. Luke finds himself emersed in events that will change the world

    .....:....After the events of Tales of the abyss......:...

    2 years later after luke returned back to the world of auldrant life has become peaceful once agin. and luke has found himself finally (alive) with a purpose to be. Guy cecile is now a noble of Grand Chokma Jade has been giving rank over the entire malkuth forces Tear has become the represenitve of Yulia city as well. as of now Natalia still travels the world as a kimlascan represenitve and Anise has reformed the order of Lorelei and is now fon master guardian of Florian the new fon master. All has been going well these past years until recently the planet storm became active agin. when thought to have been completly stopped. Oracle knights are sent to investigate and return to report no strange events occuring.

    Luke feels it is his job to find out what is causing the planet storm to become active so he goes back to find all his freinds to investigate this seemingly impossible event.


    1.) I reserve the right to tell you or ask you to change your character if needed
    2: No Godmoding
    3: No Powerplaying
    4: Literecy is a must if your template isn’t you will not be accepted
    5.) Try to fill in all spots before creating a character i want the origal charactres in this game
    6.) Place( Replica Model) at the top of your template
    7.) If you wish to be a god general PM me first because i need you to
    8.) Have fun


    Weopons/Fightting style( Albert, mage, double sword, arcane arts,)
    Current location
    Theme song

    Open positions...

    5 god generals(Areeita was unable to be replicated)


    Main roles

    Luke Fon Fabre(Naruto1988)
    Guy( Open)
    Tear( open)
    Jade( open)
    Anise( open)


    (Replica Model)

    Name:Luke Fon Fabre


    Personality: Luke is a very caring person he puts his freinds ahead and always looks for the best in people. he used to have a bad temper but has now become a wise young man to all and a loving freind.

    Weopons/Fightting style( Single sword wielding (Albertas arcane art swordstyle)
    Bio: Luke sacrificed his life to free lorelie and he and asch became one however luke is the dominant person as of now. luke fabre was Duke fabres only son until he found out that he was a replica of the real luke who went by the name of Asch the bloody. who was curretnly the leader of the Six god generals. Luke put away everything he knew and wanted to be his own person apart from asch. he is now one with his closest brother his orignal.

    Current location: On a ship going towards Yulia city to Tear

    Theme song: YouTube - Tales of the Abyss - Sync
    ..:Open Your Wings Evil Angel:..

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    Re: Tales Of The Abyss 2 ( Fatal Bonds)

    Nice song, never played the game and probably never will, at least for a while since I'm soooo occupied with work. Back on track, your story seems well made enough, though for those who haven't played the game, if you want more people to participate, you should post a wiki link or another site to let people better know this world. Otherwise, all is quite appropriate, though be sure that if this RPG starts, that people don't write one liners


    You may not create a recruitment/OOC thread to invite people to participate.
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    Thanks to Xelhes for this amazing work of art ^.^

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