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Thread: Tales Of Dynasty

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    Tales Of Dynasty

    In a land of supreme magic and technological advancement and where spirit beings magical forces and machines go hand in hand, people live their everyday lives with out many cares left to them. All kinds of people live in peace whether they are human, beast, machine or a mix. it is not uncanny to see a mana user they are normally everyday people however there are a rare group called Epitath users which have inhanced Mana disposition and a secret ancient power not even they are aware of....

    Due to the fact that numerous beings are gifted with a control over certain mana at birth it has been simple to keep the City of Nahtz as the capital of Growendal. It has been a nation centred around powers and justice for many years...up until recently.

    Rebels have started to cause problems with populace and seek to destroy the peace of the land. These rebels have begun to master and use forbidden magic and technology that has terrible power and could be disastrous in teh hands of evil. At first it was believed that the rebels were acting on their own, but investigations discovered otherwise.

    A cult of unknown entities referred to as "the Eleven" are in charge of the rebels and have been seending threats to the King and his officials. Right now all of their plans are unknown, but "the Eleven" seem to want control of a certain group of mana users and will do anything to get them.

    For years Nahtz has held tounaments for warriors to show their power and get great treasure, or a chance to work as a protector of the land. However this year the king has other plans. He is holding an invite only tournament. Invitation's have been sent out to the select few Epitath Mana Users that might be able to take down " the Eleven" The futture of the world may be at stake and it's only a matter of time before all hell breaks loose...........


    1. No godmodding or power-playing
    2.No spamming or oneling (Period)
    3.No asking too many questions
    4. Romance is allowed (keep it PG-13)
    5.No killing other rp'ers (unless it is approved)
    6.Follow the rules above or you,ll be kicked out
    7.Follow Role-Playing guidelines
    8. Post "My Dynasty is my life." at the top of your template so that i know you read the rules.
    9. As for the newbs reguarding your templates, PM me first for approval 1st!
    10. 2 paragraph minimum that goes for all members.
    11. I'm purposely being a hardass to see what you all can do, so have fun with it.




    Race human, human hybrid, beast, beast hybrid ect.....)

    Mana Power each char has control of one creative and decribe it)



    Weapon/s up to three, but not needed)

    Special Attacks: (up to 5. Can use more later on.)

    Recent History( What has happen in the past couple months of your characters life


    Name:Ashe Falen



    Personality: Ashe is a laid back individual who loves to just lay back and wind out but since he has lived such a shelterd life due to not having much money he likes to spend time glaring at valuble objects. somwhat ingorant of the world around him because he has not left the capital once in his life

    Mana Power: Power to manipulate The air around him (wind)

    Discription of Mana abilities:Wind blade: sharpens the wind with sheer will power alone and uses it to cut enimes, Wind surfing: thats what Ashe calls it anyway its used to aid him in battle by enforcing his physical abilities by dodgeing attacks and increasing speed in attacks.

    Appearnace: Ashe has long red hair a white and black shirt that goes halfway down his stomach and leaves his abs open for plain view. the shirt is long sleeved like a cloak with black pants with red and white emblems on them displaying the names of his abilities.

    Weapon/s: Long sword usage but able to use duel blades

    Recent History: While training with his brother Daos Ashe recived a letter from the king with entieled a invite to a tournement. the letter wrote"Dear Mr. Falen you have been chosen of a select few to be admitted into a tournement of high ranking warriors you are to meet at the capital By 3nightfalls from now. your heroics in the dragon lair to save the princess wil not go unoticed...ashe knew that there mother was sick so he sought out to win the tournement and set his family straight and end there life of lower class citizens..
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    Re: Tales Of Dynasty

    It is not yet mentioned in the rules, but before starting an RPG, you must create an OOC thread in the OOC chat, please do so and wait to have a few people ineterested and ready to RP with you. Please show at the bottom of your first post in this RPG section those that have been officially approved in your RPG.

    I will now close this thread and re-open it once you have met all the above requirements. The rules and more guidelines should come up the moment me or another mod has time to get them together. Thankyou for your understanding.

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