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    In a fantasy world named Tao, spirits of the dead can become part of the living. Dark spirits known as Shadosis are born from souls that regret, hate, want revenge, and other sinful things. But people known as Soultamers can see Shadosis and purge their souls so that they may rest in peace. In this land, people worship Gods and Goddesses to their own nature to protect themselves. Only the Holy Ones(Gods and Goddessess) can choose who can become a Soultamer. But there is a God and Goddess that wants the Shadosis to take over the mortals so that their power can grow. Once they reach their goal they can will turn TAO into their new realm of death and despair. The Holy Ones realize this and knowing that a God can hurt another, they give Soultamers their elemental power. Now the battle is on, the Soultamers vs the Shadosis.

    1. Must have a paragraph of 4-7 sentences.
    2. Dialogue will be used in Quotations.
    3. Can not be an all mighty character. PM me to get approval of God/Goddess
    4. Be creative! Let your imagination flow.
    5. You can be evil or good. Maybe you prefer neutral?
    6. Character must be a human. If anything else PM me about it.
    7. PM your character profile first please.
    Example( Also my character)
    Name: Ariele Winsara
    Nickname: "Spring"
    Age: 17
    Race: Human
    Height: 5'8"
    Eyes: Olive green
    Hair: Midnight Black
    God/Goddess powers(Mother Nature): Water Rhapsody, Ice Shadow, Water Charmer, Ice Spikes,Wild Vines, Viper's Dance
    Side: Holy
    Disguise: Dancer
    Known Jobs: Works in pubs whenever she needs cash as she travels...

    Description: She wears a green tank top with a denim skirt in green boots. On her upper left part of her chest is a symbol she was born with that represents Life. A emerald on her forehead. For a weapon she keeps a dagger hidden in her boot. Other than that she keeps tambourines attached to her belt on her skirt.

    Background/History:Ariele Winsara was born with the abilities of Mother Nature. Her people didn't understand her gift and cast her away into the forest. Somehow with the help of the animals of the forest, the divine wind, and Mother Nature's protection, she grew up to be a beautiful woman. Ariele saw that the land was dying. She asked Mother Nature why this is. "Shadosis, search for them and destroy them with my power." Mother Nature disappeared. Ariele now has a jewel embedded in her forehead with the powers of Mother Nature. Her journey for these...Shadosis begins....

    (P.M. me if you want to join)
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