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Thread: Thanatos: Kingdom of Harmony

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    Thanatos: Kingdom of Harmony

    Thanatos: the Kingdom of Harmony


    Inhabitants of Thanatos once lived in a harmonious and peaceful way. Thanatos reaches its fullest reign- abundant supplies, good land, and most of all, the most beautiful place to live in.

    Thanatos is divided into several kingdoms. Each kingdom holds a powerful item which gives the whole Thanatos its great beauty and power. There are six kingdoms that built Thanatos. LightHelzen as the fist kingdom, the most important kingdom of all and the kingdom which deals with white magics. This is the kingdom where elves and dwarves lived. The Kingdom of LightHelzen holds the item which controls the balance of nature. LightHelzen is the capital of Thanatos, it is considered as the kingdom of wisdom, because some sages and scientist used to gather here because of its large libraries and research centers. The city-state of LightHelzen is divided into two districts, the residential district on the south side of the city and the commercial district on the north side. The residential district's main attraction is the world-renowned Rekenber Library, located in the center of the district. The commercial district contains an airship landing strip, the LightHelzen Bank, various trading posts, and the Alchemist Guild House. More importantly, it houses the White Magic Corporation Headquarters. The next kingdom will be Heltrum. Kingdom of Heltrum holds the item which control the day and night in Thanatos . Heltrum is the kingdom which inhabits by goblins, witches and ogres and headed by Ishta a witch whose makes all the dirty business.

    Niyaran is the third kingdom. Niyaran is the kingdom which occupies by native tribes. There are 4 tribes that inhabit the kingdom. They are the Yagashi tribe, Nodokame tribe, Rama tribe, and Utan tribe. In each tribe holds an item. Yagashi tribe holds the crystal which makes the whole Thanatos warm. Nodokame tribe holds the item which makes Thanatos’s winter. Uma tribe holds the item which gives Thanatos its wind breeze. And the Utan tribe holds the item which makes Thanatos wet. If these items in Niyaran combined, they will make an item which controls the weather in Thanatos. Volsug is the fourth kingdom. This kingdom is the most disciplined kingdom in Thanatos. They consider discipline as the most important thing in life. People in Volsug are a high disciplined fighter. Most of them are great warriors, and the reason why this kingdom called the dragon of the west. This kingdom holds the item which gives Thanatos its supplies. The next kingdom is Hizen, Hizen is the most civilized kingdom and known to its high standard of technology. Hizen used robots, machineries to make its work fast. It is often called the City of Steel. It holds the item which gives Thanatos supply of energy. The last Kingdom will be Fadri, Fadri is just a small kingdom which inhabits by some rural people. This kingdom holds the item which makes sufficient mineral resources.

    This six kingdoms worked together to make Thanatos the most beautiful place every. But, there is one that is not contented of what they have. That is the Kingdom of Ishta, the Heltrum kingdom. Because of their greediness of power and wealth, they want to get all of the magical items in each kingdom. This plan of them was heard in other kingdoms. LightHelzen makes its first move. They gather all kingdoms and planned to attack Ishta. But, Ishta and her troupes gather forces before the other kingdoms attack them. Now, that the day of war between the kingdoms had come. Onew of the most powerful elves in LightHelzen raise its staff and bring forth the monster of the sky. As long as the monster reached the ground, the war begins. Many lives had wasted, blood flows, death had come to all of them.. But, Ishta survived and planning for revenge. In each Kingdom, lives the magical items and still holds its powerful force within it. But, no one knows where the first leader in each kingdom hid it. Each kingdom in Thanatos gain damage in the war. And it needs to be rebuild. Some inhabitants in each kingdom tried to build their own, but they don’t have enough skill to rebuild their kingdom. They need the magical items to rebuild Thanatos itself.

    Warriors, adventurers, merchants, explorers and all kind of people gather in LightHelzen for an important announcement from the Elves and Dwarves. There will be an order from them, that all of the citizens of Thanatos will do their best to find the magical items and rebuild Thanatos in her real guise.


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