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Thread: Underworld-War of the Clans

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    Re: Underworld-War of the Clans

    Nesto saw the necromancer enjoyed, but he didn't care... So, what do I basicly do? sitting around this place all the day or is there action involved?
    He was quite bored and wanted to leave, but a necromancer's word was to be trusted, and he told them he'd join their force

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    Re: Underworld-War of the Clans

    The Master Necromancer watched him for a moment. "Basically you hang around the X Games wherever they are and go after people who try o interfere or, like the Papparazzi, take illegal photographs. Currently, the X Games is the safest have for supernaturals of all kinds. They help protect and train all in the use of their Gifts. They also offer a safe haven to any on the run. The UN recognizes them also as a safe haven for the kids of ambassadors and other important officials. There is actually quite a bi of action going on all the time. They are also the ony known legitimate group that gives Beholders an even break."
    "What part of Evil don't you understand?"

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