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    A voice rose up from the ashes of the unconscious of all those that slept, speaking to their mind with an all powerful, luring tone and with the promise of power:

    “Can thou hear my voice? Those who have yet to find their way… Those who have not yet awakened to the truth… And thou, Cato, who shall one day be my Master, regardless of thy will, so long as thou art in this world… thou shalt serve me. And when thy life be done, thy soul I shall receive… The time for that has yet to come. For now, I merely wish to chat with thee. Are you of a mind to talk with me for a while?”

    The voice paused as if waiting for a reply. He got many in response; countless were wary and cautious while others sought the voice head-on like an adventure to a mighty knight. He continued on, not answering one in particular, but answered and questioned all.

    “Now answer me this… A day will come when God will appear to thee in a dream, and speak unto thee the appointed day. As I appear to thee in thy dreams. At that time, when thou art told to give thy life… Will thout be able to? Even if thou art incapable now, thou wilt accept thy fate naturally when the time cometh. Thou has best begin preparing to welcome that moment with a humble mind.

    “Answer me this… Say a war were to start and thou wert required to join one of the warring sides. On one side, defeat and death likely, but thou wouldst fight for pride and honor. On the other, victory and glory are likely, but thou must abandon honor in battle to attain glory. Wist wouldst thou choose?

    “Answer me this… Let us say thy side emerged victorious, attaining fame and glory. And say once again thou wert put into a situation which battle was inevitable… What wouldst thou do?

    “Answer me this… Thou hast sacrificed the lives of many soldiers, but managed to protect thy home village. However, the village is ravaged by starvation and suffering, and all the blame is on your shoulders. Driven by hunger, murder and crime become rampant, and thou art responsible for restoring peace. How wouldst thou do this?

    “Answer me this… If thou wert granted immortality, and could choose one lone companion for eternity, wist thou choose a man, a woman, or either?

    “Answer me this… If thou heard a voice within thy dreams… would that be the shining voice of God from Heaven? Or the voice of a devil from the depths of Hell?

    “And finally, answer me this… Have my questions made thee uneasy?”

    Another pause for those questioned to answer, but unlike the pause before this silence was cold and unbearable by all; it left a faint, tingly feeling of regret in the back of their mouths, the air grew heavy like an unseen gas just floated into the room. Then the silence was broken once more.

    “That concludes my questions for now. Thou shalt find the answers within thyself. Regardless, thy destiny is to obey the forces of either Light or Darkness and become the ruler of Heaven or Hell. However, thou dost lack the skill even to control me. Now thou must suffer in my arms… Until the day thy soul is ready to become my Master…

    “Do not forget! The answer to my questions reside in thine own self. And now, future Master, I shall give thee a gist. Look in the corner of thy room, there thou wilt find a gift from me finely wrapped. And now I look forward to our next encounter…

    As the voice died out and normal sleep was returned all become silent with warmth. The air breathed was fresh and clean, nothing hung on the hearts of those that were visited. The time for the Black Sabbath drew near…

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    Re: Untitled

    (Well if it's ok to start)
    italics are personal thoughts

    Gregor awoke and instinct gripped him. He peered around the gloomy tent; clutching a small dagger; and checked to see why he awoke so suddenly.
    "That dream..." Gregor trailed off, thinking about the voice from the dream. It didn't sound quite right, almost as if it held the weight of millions of years and asked far too many questions for its own good!
    "It certainly wasn't a normal dream for me. Not enough violance and no nake..." His companion grunted and scratched at his ear before turning to the side.
    Gregor always found talking to himself helpful, but maybe this wasn't the place. He got up and stretched; his back cracked with several satisfying clicks; and carefully stepped over the hulking, and hairy, form of Porko. Gregor sniffed the fresh air and let the tent's flap flow back to it's place.
    The voice swirled around his head, each word thudded like a hammer blow and yet it still seemed too fresh.
    Gods? Heaven? Hell? Great! Somehing else to worry about.
    Gregor's thoughts were brushed away by curiosity.
    There's a shiny thing over there
    Gregor will be the first to admit (brag) that his night vision is quite something; and will be over zealously agreed with when facing the pointy end of a dagger; but this was differant.
    I should have noticed it sooner. Meh... I'll blame that dream. Yeah, that suits meHe reached the shiny thing, which happened to be a rather plain looking ring, and reached down to pick it up. His finger's touched its surface, there was a ripple of green light across the smoothed surface of the ring and the faint smell of Sulfur.
    MAGIC!?Gregor stood like that for a minute or two. Fully conviced he hadn't exploded or turned into a squidgey-squelchy thing, he picked up the ring and peered at it intensly. Just a normal gold ring. No engravings, no stones and no more energies. It rolled under his fingers before he slipped it on gingerly.
    A perfect fit! Might just be a lucky day.Gregor trapsed back to his tent and lay on his fur-bed. The dream still rolled round his head, but had softened somewhat.
    “Do not forget! The answer to my questions reside in thine own self. Might just be my lucky day after all
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    Re: Untitled

    Living in the upper side of town always wanting the posh things in life. Uriel had walked out of the courtyard this time wondering is she will ever find a friend to trust.

    I had been ages since she has met up with someone she can lay her down her life for.She walked home as usual, and enjoyed watching the children she passed by in the village. Her wings had freely flowed as she had walked still keeping her cool and not letting her guard down.
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    Re: Untitled

    Roamong through the town he wanted to find a new person to hang out with like in his old home.

    Just moving here, he wants to meet a new person. When he sees a girl walking. He gose up to her, and says "Hi". As he sees her.
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