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Thread: The War Begins (Recruiment)

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    The War Begins (Recruiment and OOC)

    Prologue: Master Gunda held his wooden staff in hand as he stood facing the malice looking man that stood before him. Master Gunda eyes were calm and glistened with the wisdom that shinned on his wrinkled face. The man grunted with a sense of frustration and advanced toward the Master. “This is your last chance old man…” The man stepped in front of Master Gunda, “or you will die.” Master Gunda looked at him with a sincere look on his face, he did not speak, but his movements were graceful. He put his old shaking hand on the man’s shoulder. Then slowly he shook his head. The monks that stood behind Master Gunda put their hands together and begin to pray. “Our ways are not of violence. You travel down a path, we monks, cannot follow. The hatred that ravages our kingdom will not vanish with more bloodshed, but with kindness and patience. That is the way to enlightenment.” Master Gunda spoke with purity in his deep passionate voice. “Suit yourself. Old Man!” The man cursed as he thrust his branded sword into Gunda’s heart. The Monks stilled prayed as the militia killed each one of them. The monks did not move, praying for the militia and their safe travel into enlightenment.

    Storyline: His name was Caldor; he was a ruthless king from the Central Land of Nalirda, a land of marshes and swamps. He ravaged the Five Kingdoms killing each King and whatever resistance the kingdoms would give. Caldor crowned himself king of Bambartia, the Eastward land of forest and green lands, from there he went to conquer to other three kingdoms: Anestia, the Southward land of jungle and rainforests. Derestia, Westward land of desert and sand. Galantis, Northward land of snow and rain.

    Soon after the invasion of Caldor’s forces, a man named Revick formed a militia. He and his men traveled south to Anestia, where he was met with a rumor that monks held a secret weapon that would vanquish evil. In a desperate attempt to get the weapon Revick killed all the monks that welcomed him and his men, when they refused to join the militia. Revick set forth a wide search to find the weapon throughout the kingdom. He still has not found it.

    Five year past after Caldor’s finale battle with Derestia, many young people traveling will cross paths. They will embark on a journey that will decide the fate of the five kingdoms. Their reluctant relationship with each other and the friendship that is formed will withstand the turmoil of the lands. They will fight for the freedom they have been denied for so long.

    Choose a Kingdom (Any where, just create you character’s profile in unison with the Kingdom, any character can have any occupation they desire.)

    Nalirda: Central Region of the Five Kingdoms. It is medium in the size and the terrain around Nalirda is of marshes and swamps. Mainly Humans, Trolls, Ghouls, Mosquintans, (Alien creatures that appeared suddenly) Demons, reside in the land.
    Galantis: The Northward Region of the Five Kingdoms. It is large in size and the terrain around Galantins is of snow, rain, and winter like conditions. Mainly Demons, Vampires, Fairies, Ghosts, residein the land, few Humans survive there.
    Anestia: The Southward Region of the Five Kingdoms. It is small and size and the terrain around Anestia is of jungle and rainforests. Mainly Monks human and non-human alike, Angelic creatures, Jagurians, (half jaguar and human) Fairies, resided in the land.
    Bambartia: The Eastward Region of the Five Kingdoms. It is medium and the terrain around Bambartia is of forest and green lands. Mainly Humans, Fairies, Demons, Vampires, reside in the land.
    Derestia: The Westward Region of the Five Kingdoms. It is the Largest kingdom and the terrain around Derestia is of desert and sand. Mainly it is a kingdom for thieves and condemned criminals to retreat to. Few humans however survive there, only if give shelter by the residents there, Nagols (Desert People) can Humans survive.

    Choose a side (consist of any character)

    Army: under control of Caldor. (generels, captins, luetinents, soldiers, medics, etc. )
    Resistance: fight against Caldor (any one)
    Militia: corrupt and misled. (captins, soldiers, murderers)
    Rouge: neutral and may choose any side (anyone like child, priest, townsperson etc)

    (note you may switch sides if in army or resistance)

    Character Profile

    1. Nothing from the future, such as guns, robots, cyborgs, etc
    2. Do not kill any one unless your character and another worked it out
    3. Use up to 2 or 3 characters or less, but no more
    4. Your may have a back-story but stay on track with story line
    5. Any characters are acceptable

    Character Sheet

    Name: Meka LaSalvin
    Age: 19
    Gender: female
    Race: Human
    Height: 5'2
    Weight: 115 lbs
    Element: water
    Weapon: Crossbow and fist
    Abilities: Voice of Bliss, when she sings all that hear her slowly freeze to death.
    Weakness: Her Heart, if a sword strikes her heart or dagger the wound is fatal.
    Personality: Quite and she keeps to herself, unless she sees that someone is really worth trusting.
    Appearance: 5'6, 115 lbs. has long black hair and gray eyes, her figure is slender and toned, she has a birthmark on the left side of her neck, she has pale skin tone and wears red lipstick with black clothing.
    Occupation: assassin
    Bio: Meka doesn't enjoy reliving in her past. She travels the earth looking for jobs such as assassinations or stealing valuables. At a young age Meka ran away from home because of her family's cruelness, she became a rouge. Under the instruction of Master Gunda Meka mastered the martial arts of different styles of kung-fu, jundo, karate, and muay thai. She became vengeful when her master was murdered for not wanting to join a war against the reign of a cruel king. She went against her master's rules when she killed a man involved in her master's death. She was banned from the temple and charged with treasons against Master Gunda. Now she roams the land alone looking for reasons to kill, or reasons to love again. Her skin is pale and wears red lipstick with black tight clothes.
    Side: Resistance
    Kingdom: raised in Anestia, but doesn’t know where she was born
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    Re: The War Begins (Recruiment)

    name: Sora Sumeragi
    age: 17
    gender: female
    race: human
    height: 5'2"
    weight: 127lbs
    element: balanced between light and dark
    weapon: longbow, swords of light and darkness
    occupation: wandering musician and ancient artifact seeker-cough*thief*cough-
    appearance: medium length reddish brown hair with blue and purple bangs, amber-brown eyes,glasses,goggles around the neck, bandaged hands and arms with broken shackles on each,long-sleeve blue tunic,tanish pants, brownish red scarf, two belts,knee high boots,dark green trench coat.
    personality: Sora is a nice easy going person who has a bit of bad luck at times. She likes to be lazy when it comes to traveling and can't resist a chance to "aquire" rare and ancient artifacts from museums, rich folk, and other people who have something of value. Spending most of her time watching the people and happenings around her, she has some understanding of how the world works. She also loves to play the flute. She has the Angel's Feather, a legendary flute that is rumored to heal any wound and ease emotional pain.
    background/history: Sora was a servant girl since she was born not knowing who her true parents were. She decided to leave after catching the eye of her masters and some of the higher ranking servants. Stealing food and such on the streets to survive.She became a master thief very quickly and soon returned to the house where she used to be a servant to "aquire" the Angel's Feather.Unfortunately, she was arrested when making her get away but not before she hid the Angel's Feather. After some three years in prison and learning some very useful and wierd abilities she broke out and is on the run from the law and former masters.
    side: which ever makes for the most profit
    kingdom: Galantis orginally, now staying on the borders between Nalirda and Derestia
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    Re: The War Begins (Recruiment)

    Name: Caliska Crescent
    Age: 118
    Gender: female
    Race: Fallen Angelic
    Height: 5’1
    Weight: 90 lbs
    Element: Fire
    Weapon: Long Sword and twin Blades named ‘Trance and Dragonet”
    Abilities: Voice of Bliss,Teleport Magic, uses it in battle against stronger foes to confuse them
    Weakness: Her love of the forests animals and her beloved brother Veo, if he were hurt or killed she would die in her own sorrow.
    Personality: She is very cold and distant when she does not know you, but once she knows you she is calm, caring and very easy going.
    Appearance: Pale skin blemish free skin, long black hair with very lavender highlights and bright youthful purple eyes, she wears black metal armor and carries a small purple bag with her everywhere, her armor is special made by the trolls in Nalirda with a sliver outline of ancient designs of fallen comrades in the was against the Five Kingdoms, her sword matches her armor.
    Occupation: One of many Generals in Caldor’s Forces
    Bio: Caliska was once one the Angelic creatures that resided in Anestia. She was very well known and looked up to. She became one of the main co-respective that helped with Monks of Anestia. So she became close friends with Master Gunda and eventually studied under him. But after his murder Caliska took Master Gunda's number one student and granted her the ability named Voice of Bliss to avenge his death. When the council of Angelic Creature found out what Caliska had done they shunned Caliska and her brother Veo. Then Caliska traveled leaving her brother in the kingdom of Bambartia and joined Caldor’s Forces to get rid of the hatred and pain she felt, but none sufficed for her, for now
    Side: Army
    Kingdom: Born in Anestia, which she is now residing in Nalirda.
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    Re: The War Begins (Recruiment)

    Name:Kyo DarkBane
    weapon:reverse blade sword
    abilities:teleport not in battle
    while in battle the stress on his body would not let him battle because he is only a human which are not suppose to teleport it take a lot of his strength out of him,wind shield covers body in a aura of wind to potect, haveing demon blood in him his body slowly heals itself when he is hurt.
    weakness:has a soft spot for people in trouble
    personality:He is distant does not like to get close because of fear of loseing them
    appearance:has shoulder length hair that is brownish blonde,has light grey eyes were u can not see the color he wears a black and gold armor that was made by dwarves that he helped he carrys a silver chain that has a dark stone on it
    bio:was once a great worrior but when his brother and father was killed by demons he swore to kill every demon that he found he was raised in Galantis to hunt demons and to survie how to use the land to live and fend for himself
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    Re: The War Begins (Recruiment)

    Name: Vayne Loyal
    Age: 43 (In Human Years) 19 (In Nogal Years)
    Gender: male
    Race: Nogal
    Height: 6’3
    Weight: 238 lbs
    Element: none
    Weapon: Two Headed Spear named Ozo
    Abilities: He can control any emotions with his eyes on the weak minded
    Personality: Vayne is strong-willed and sometimes scary. He is distant at all times, because of a troubled past that got him where he is today.
    Appearance:. Wears a dark green vest with black trim and black trousers. Looks like a human, but is not human, has long blonde hair and light gray eyes
    Occupation: Former Slave Trader, now Pub Owner
    Bio: Vayne has lived in Derestia until he grew tried of the desert and sand. So when he ran away he became a slave trader for the kingdom of Nalirda. Until recently Vayne was very good at what he done, then he met Lilya. A little girl that was kidnapped and taken to Vayne for sale, Vayne took her and became very fond of her. When a General of Caldor’s army bought her from him, Vayne quit the business and became a gentle Pub Owner.
    Side: Rouge
    Kingdom: Derestia but living in Bambartia
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    Re: The War Begins (Recruiment)

    Name: Dah-Kra
    Age: 117 years
    Gender: Male
    Race: Daemon
    Height: 6ft exactly
    Wieght: 136kg
    Element: Earth
    Weapon: Black Ironwood Staff.
    Abilities: Fast Reflexs and Inhuman Strength. Can command aspects of nature.
    Weakness: Element of light and Bound Powers (dosen't have access to full range of Daemonic Powers)
    Personality: Loner by nature. Dry sense of humour. Arogant on first encounters.
    Appearance: Looks like a Human, Pale skin, Shoulder Length Light Brown Hair, Red Eyes and noticable Muscle Structure. Black Trousers, Black Leather Boots with Steeled Toecaps and Studded Soles and a Brown Trenchcoat. (Buckels. Not Toggels or buttons). Bare Chest.
    Occupation: Druid.
    Bio: Originaly hailing from Galantis, Dah-Kra grew up in one of the many warbands that plague the land. He grew up in a world of constant bloodshed and betrayal and was an acomplished fighter at the age of 19. After leading a life of sin for many years he finally challanged the current Warlord of his clan, Branig. Even though he was victorius in combat, he was castout by those still loyal to Branig and was stripped of his Daemonic Powers as the last humiliation. relising he wouldn't survive long in this harsh wilderness, Dah-Kra travelled south. He arrived in Bambartia and became a Hermit. With each year that passed, Dah-Kra bacame attacheted to the land and trees that surrounded him and started to understand the power of nature. Now, the current affairs of the warring kingdoms has made Dah-Kra realise that now is the time he must strike and gain power where others would faulter.
    Side: Rouge
    Kingdom: Bambartia
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    Re: The War Begins (Recruiment)

    Name: Vaunt
    Age: 100
    Height: 5.9
    Wieght: 160
    Element: Light
    Weapon:Halibrid and a short sword
    Abilities:healing and can fly
    Weakness:true evil
    Personality: always keeps his word. Wants to help people when they are having a hard time.
    Appearance: Long blonde hair that goes down to chest. blue eyes with some green in them. Has a scar on his right side of his face. palish skin. the wings are white and on the side dark blue.
    Occupation: Palidian
    Bio: HAs been fighting all his life to keep his family and kingdom free. jion the army to help all of his people. But after the battle his men all died so Vaunt left the army and went out to look for a group that would want him to help fight. When he went back home his village was destoryed. There we said that no one that doesnt carry a wepon will not die as long as he can help it.
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    Post Re: The War Begins (Recruiment)

    Character Profile
    Name: Lewis
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Height: 5'11
    Wieght: 220
    Element: Earth
    Weapon: Fist and double edged sword
    Abilities: Manipulates earth anyway possible.
    Weakness: Weapons that can kill him.
    Personality: he's a leader and a caring person,and he's smart.
    Occupation: Special Forces Agent
    Bio: He was sent out by his king to get rid of the likes of caldor. He was in command of a five man unit. They were all killed but he searches by him self to bring down a whole kingdom.
    Side: Ressistance
    Kingdom: Bambartia

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