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Thread: The War Begins (Recruiment)

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    Re: The War Begins (Recruiment)

    Name:Leon Nightlord
    Race:Half human, half demon
    Wieght:134 ibs
    Element:Light and Dark
    Weapon:A sword hidden in his sleeves
    Abilities:Able to heal injuries
    Weakness:The moonlight
    Personality:A kind and gentle person who dislikes fighting. He loves to talk about love and want everyone to get along with each other. He carries an carefree aditude. He tends to use words then fighting. He can easily handle people and always find a positive thing about a person.He holds a darker side to him.
    Appearance:Long black hair that is tied back. He wears black robes and white gloves.
    Bio:Abandoned at a young age, he had to fed for himself. He soon came upon a priest who took him in. There he learned about the world and how to defend himself. He learned how to handle a sword form the priest himself but never questioned why the priest would know such a thing. He spent lots of time reading and gained lots of knowledge. When he grew into an adult, the priest disappered, so left off to find what happened to the priest. He spent time wandering and learned alot about the suffering first hand.

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    Re: The War Begins (Recruiment)

    Character Profile

    Name:Devaga Raize





    Wieght:170 Lbs


    Weapon:Sword strapped to his side and dagger on the other.

    Abilities:Manipulation and creation of fire.

    Weakness:He's human.

    Personality:Poor old Devaga is a bit of a dictator, and a bit of a scallywag. He has an evil demeanor about him, but his intentions usually turn out to be noble. He's quick with thought and percise in his movements, he can talk his way out of mostly anything, usually trouble he creates him self.

    Appearance:Depends on the day, but he has loose armor that usually only consists of a leather chest piece, armor along his left arm and right bicep, and sometimes a helmet, if he feels threatened.


    Bio:He came across the seas from another continent, called D'Hara, where there was little magic and only humans. Where trolls elves and demons were mere myth. His ship had run up a reef untill a storm came and thrust them farther into the open waters. About 11 weeks later on the brink of starvation, Devaga and his captain were the only two survivors when they washed up on the beaches of a new world.



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