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Thread: Reccuring themes/running gags in Avatar

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    Hello, avatar faithful.

    This is a thread to discuss reccuring themes/running gags and their importantce (spelling?) to the show.

    I've noticed that once every season the number 85 is incorporated
    85 Jins book 2
    the fire navy outfit was captured 85 years ago book 1

    im wondering if this has some important meaning to the avatar universe or within the development itself.

    and running gags, id like to discuss ones that never seem to grow old, or some that need to stop. i personally think that the crazy foaming guy of kiyoshi island will never die!

    what do you guys think? noticed anything odd multiple times, or seen something funny you wish to discuss?

    I repost this thread because my old one is about 3 months old, and i think this post could really get some conversations going
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    Re: Themes and Ongoing Gags in Avatar

    I would love to discuss Avitar with you...but you know me Itachi-kun...I have no tv in my room and I havent really seen it in a while. Been to busy Writing your story that you want to read so badly maybe I should catch up on the stuff that I'm miss? lol thats so true
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    Re: Reccuring themes/running gags in Avatar

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

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