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Thread: "Sozin's Comet" or "The Series Finale?"

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    "Sozin's Comet" or "The Series Finale?"

    Well, it seems all of our avatarding out has come to an end. Sozin's comet has come to pass, Fire Lord Ozai is defeated, and the land is once again balanced.

    However, there are a few things left unanswered. Sure, this was the "series finale" however, will there be any sort of online/special premieres answering these questions that still plague our mind?

    These may include (but aren;t limited to):
    What did happen to Ursa? (zuko's mother)

    Is Azula dead? Or just still chained up?

    What was with the big lion turtle thing?

    Many questions still left unasnwered, but a very satisfying conclusion overall. Now, my AO brethren, what do you want answered and why?

    or is there a particular part of the movie you enjoyed and would like to discuss?

    Anything can be discussed, so long as it has a bit of detail.

    Oh, and a bit of an off topic remark but, SUCK IT ZUTARA FANS!!!!
    Why hello there!

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    Re: "Sozin's Comet" or "The Series Finale?"

    That was one badass finale. It answered a few things, as well as created ideas for fanfictions and other specials.

    The Ursa story seems to be a setup for the next episode/movie.

    Azula is not dead. She's just in a mental ward..

    The Lion-turtle was a spirit creature, old one at that.

    Mai x Zuko and Aang x Katara relationships were set at the start. Sokka and Suki was meant to be as well. As for Toph, if you looked closely enough, she was playing with the Duke in the background in one of the scenes.

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    Re: "Sozin's Comet" or "The Series Finale?"

    what i want to know is what about toph! she is like one of my favoriet characters and she's not getting any lovin' i mean she hit on almost all the guys on the series but she didn't get lucky one time. it kinda makes me not like katara a little cause she got all the guys, aing, that peter pan wannabe that supossedly died, and there was even insignuations of her being with zuko. man i hope they make a episode when their older and she actually has someone.
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