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Thread: Why is Avatar considered an anime?

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    Question Why is Avatar considered an anime?

    Why is avatar consider an anime i thought saw it at nick

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    Re: Why is Avatar considered an anime?

    Anime or not thread

    This thread should clear up why we put it in this section. It doesn't mean the site recongnizes the show as an anime, just that it had enough people who showed interest in it for us to make a section just for it. Whether you consider the show to be an anime or not is up to you, as not everyone shares the same opinion on what shows are or are not anime.

    With that said, I'm going to close this as the link is where it can be discussed already. Threads in the anime series forum aren't dead, so don't be afraid to bring back a long forgotten topic by posting in an old thread.

    Closing...*and it was/is on nick.*
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