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    Post OFFICIAL Hellsing Anime


    Hellsing is a manga series that tackles vampires, ghouls, werewolves and other supernatural evil forces that threaten the British peace and order.
    Started in 1997, the series continues to enjoy publication up to this day. It has in fact several adaptations / versions in different languages from French to German, English to Spanish, even Polish and Traditional Chinese. There is also a prequel series called Hellsing: The Dawn. Both are released episodically in the monthly Japanese shōnen manga magazine Young King OURs. Dark Horse releases the English translated version.

    In 2001 an anime series based on the manga was released. However, the series didn't exactly follow the same path as the manga. It introduced new characters and omitted others while changing the story drastically. It ended at 13 episodes.

    Early 2006, a new Hellsing anime was born. The Hellsing Ultimate OVA series.
    Contrary to the earlier anime, the OVA follows the original manga quite closely. The format is different too. Every episode is 40+ minutes long and is released straight to DVD one episode at a time. It also features very high production values compared to most regular anime series.

    Technical information:

    Hellsing manga:
    • Author: Hirano Kōta
    • Publisher: Shōnen Gahōsha
    • American licensor: Dark Horse Comics
    • Appears in: Young King OURs
    • Genre: Horror, Action, Supernatural
    • Chapters: Ongoing, author plans to release 10 volumes in total

    Hellsing anime:
    • Director: Umanosuke Iida
    • Studio: GONZO
    • Licensor: Geneon
    • Genre: Horror, Action, Supernatural
    • Episodes: 13

    Hellsing Ultimate:
    • Director: Tomokazu Tokoro (Japan)
    • Studio: Satelight, Rondo Robe, Wild Geese
    • Licensor: Geneon
    • Genre: Horror, Action, Supernatural
    • Episodes: Ongoing


    Hellsing (formally known as the Royal Order of Protestant Knights) is a secret organization subsidized by the British government to protect the people from supernatural monsters and actually keep them – the people – in the dark about their existence.

    The current leader of the organization is Sir Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, the great-granddaughter of the (in)famous Abraham van Helsing. She is the master of an ancient powerful vampire named Alucard, bound to servitude and used by the Hellsing organization as the ultimate exterminator of his own undead kind. Recently, a new vampire joined the Hellsing ranks after being turned by Alucard himself, Seras Victoria, a 19-year-old ex-police officer still trying to get used to her newfound identity.
    Integral's butler and ex-vampire exterminator Walter C. Dornez completes the list of Hellsing's main members.


    At the end of the 20th century, the amount of vampire incidents in the United Kingdom rises exponentially. The Hellsing organization is called into action and starts to unravel the source of these disturbing developments. It appears that a fearsome group long thought to be annihilated is behind these terrible attacks and what's even worse... This is only the first step of their monstrous plan which aims to change the world forever.
    Get ready for humanity's Ultimate battle for survival!


    Hellsing Ultimate website
    ANN Hellsing page
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