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Thread: OFFICIAL Karas: The Prophecy and Karas: The Revelation OVA

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    Post OFFICIAL Karas: The Prophecy and Karas: The Revelation OVA


    Humans and the youkai – demons – live peacefully in a place where both worlds have collided, with the youkai invisible to the human eye. Yurine, a youthful-looking woman and her loyal servant Karas keep to uphold peace and harmony in these overlapping worlds.

    However, the humans have become arrogant and indifference towards the existence of demons that an old Karas was compelled to turn his back on what he has believed in for years and took on a human form, named himself Eko and created an army of machine demons called Mikura to strike against man.

    Otoha, a young man, becomes a Karas, an armored warrior. Only people who have known great and deep sorrow can become a Karas. Otoha, whose soul Yurine claims called out for her while he was still human, became one when commanded by Yurine who clothed him in armor so thick it cannot be penetrated by anyone. Otoha has to prove himself worthy to be a Karas and must struggle to keep the balance that Eko has threatened.

    • Director: Keiichi Sato
    • STUDIO: Tatsunoko
    • Licensor: Manga Entertainment
    • GENRE: Science fiction
    • Episodes: 6 (1~3: The Prophecy | 4~6: The Revelation)


    Karas: The Revelation is the last installment of the 6-part Manga Entertainment Original Video Animation – OVA – about the struggle between good – Otoha – and evil – Eko. Here, the excitement and anticipation well-up as the mini-series reaches its climax with the final battle between Otoha and Eko finally comes into play.


    The final chapters of Karas reveal Otoha taking on his human form again after awakening from his coma. Now that he’s human again, En – who witnessed Otoha kill Kamaitachi in episode 5, becomes the new Karas. While Otoha goes back to his old life as a man, Eko wreaks havoc in the city with a dragon who is being powered by Nue and his younger brother.

    Shinjiku’s real identity as a Mikura surfaces in episode 5 and starts eating survivors when Otoha defends them with his sword and lets them escape. Otoha gets stabbed in the stomach and loses his arm from a blast. He starts to bleed excessively.

    Yurine saves him from impending death and he is back in his Karas form. He battles it out with Eko in episode 6, finally defeating the dragon that has been ravaging the city. Eko stumbles and is overcome by Otoha. The demons on the other hand have become visible to the human eye and people have started shooting at them.

    Otoha defends the demons saying that they are also under his protection and continues to keep a close watch on Tokyo.

    Official Karas Website.
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