So as the title suggest, I think there should be another GFX battle!!! XD The theme for this battle is Soul Eater.

This is a sig battle(please follow the rules about size) Send to Chiefblackhammer (after we decide who is in it)
Number of people that can enter: Hmmmm......well let's go for 7 + me!!! (that's 8 XD)
Extra: I'm fine with whatever, so long as it's a sig and it's about Soul Eater!!!

So whoever wants to enter, feel free. Once everyone is together, let's make this.......2 days. Sound good???

Also, for someone who does not know Soul Eater(I would be like: "whoa!!") Here is a linkie!!! XD

(If there is anything i need to fix please tell me......^^;; Please and thank you)