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Thread: The Basics of Hunter X Hunter

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    The Basics of Hunter X Hunter

    Since there is only one other topic in this section I figured I'd make a thread about he series itself.

    Concepts of the series: Hunters are elites who travel the world in search of items, people, or the unknown. In order to become a hunter you must first pass the hunter exam: A series of strenuous tests which measure the hunter candidates mental and physical abilities. Later in the series "Nen" (this anime's version of aura or energy) becomes the main measurement of ability as well as the means of fighting.

    Plot: The beginning introduces us to Gon Freeks; son of a legendary Hunter named Ging Freeks. Gon has been raised by his aunt Mito on Whale Island, his parents are both supposedly dead. On day he meets a hunter who tells him that his father is alive. As such, Gon leaves his home to follow in his father's footsteps as a Hunter by taking the Hunter Exam. Before the Hunter Exam, Gon befriends three other applicants, Kurapika, Killua Zoldyck, and Leorio. What troubles will the 4 characters face in the exam? And what will happen to them afterward? Read the manga or watch the anime to find out...

    Story Arcs:
    Hunter Exam
    York Shin City
    Greed Island
    The Chimera Ants

    I'll add more information if asked (send me a PM).

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    Re: The Basics of Hunter X Hunter

    could you please add a short description of "the chimera ants" arc... please enclose it in spoiler tags for those who haven't reached that far... and please... no spoilers in the story of the arc... i haven't watche it yet... ^^,

    to the mods -- i am so sorry about posting in this thread that has been dead for three months... i was just so curious... and i have no idea about the last arc... please don't give me an infraction... ^^,
    i'll choose to love whoever i wish to love and nobody can stop me from doing so ----

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