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    I love how this horror anime has so much blood and decapitation. I mean it's obvious there's probably a lot of blood just from reading the title. In the beginning of the first episode, it goes into a flash back from scenes of the film, Blood: The Last Vampire. For me, the series wasn't only bloody, but very unique in a way to get the attention of the audience through the suspense and mystery about the origins of the Chiropterans.

    Here are a few more handy info about the Chiropterans:

    The Chiropterans looked amazing. I loved the artwork of these beasts. Something about the idea of these brute bat-like creatures just seems attract me to finish watching the series. It was a little surprising to me when it mentioned Saya, the main character, is also a Chiropteran because I thought it was the was only the ones that look like bats.

    The Queen, original Chiropterans, are the ones that gave birth to the lower class bat-like Chiropterans. Saya and Diva are considered part of this class of Chiropteran.

    Schiff, the man-made Chiropterans, were also very cool. They looked human like Saya and Diva, but they're still not as invincible. For instance, they couldn't go in direct sunlight and they were vulnerable to contracting a disease called Thorn.

    The Chevaliers were somewhat interesting. They're not considered as free as the lower Chiropteran. I mean it's a little amazing how a human given a blood from a queen of the Chiropteran can become a Chevalier was amazing. It's almost like they are now a knight of either Saya or Diva.

    Anyway, Blood+ is a very interesting series. As you continue watching it, the more you learn about the truth of Saya and her past connected to Diva. Although it's not completely as gory as Elfen Lied, it does focus on the stupendous storyline quite a bit. It's a good series to try out if you're a horror anime fanatic.

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    Re: Blood+

    AH blood+, I got the first two manga book of this, just trying to find the rest of the book collection, the artwork in the manga book is awsome. and the storyline is awsome.
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    Re: Blood+

    i loved the movie it was based on, but the anime to me was too slow paced..i loved watching it, but it took to long..i rented the box set for 2 weeks and did nothing but watch it and i barely made it to the action!! great series, but i did go for the fast forward button many times

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