This thread is recommending the anime series Dragonball written by Akira Toriyama. This series I firmly believe is not only a great starter anime, but also one of THE best amimes out there. Now we all know why people watch anime. Anime is a what we call a television show that is much more violent and adult than cartoons, and too fast paced and downright awesome to be made into live action series. Dragonball is all that in a nutshell. Theres alot of fighting in anime,and dragonball has some of the best fights in any series ive seen, it's fights arent a bunch of punches, it shows real martial art technique. This series has a funny storyline, both cool and lovable characters with many personalities, and the best action sequences youve seen. Dragonball follows the adventure of a young boy (who happens to have a tail AND amazing strength and fighting prowess) named goku who lives out by himself in the Mountains. The story follows young goku from age 10 to 18 and the adventures he has in between with many other characters of amazing fighting capabilities. This series is funny, action packed, and can be watch by all ages. Although if you are an adult, you'll notice some things you probably wouldnt have as a child, and also would appreciate the fighting a lot more. THANX FOR READING. Dragonball rules