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Thread: Eureka Seven

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    Eureka Seven

    The story behind this series is epic. I really enjoyed the fact it was a romance story mixed in mecha. If you liked Gundam Seed, you will probably think this anime is great, too. The idea of surfing in the air was really cool. Not only was the story good, but the characters were also very interesting. Like Renton was really funny at the beginning and it just kept getting better. Eureka seemed like she had no emotions in the start and gradually began to act more normal.

    I would highly recommend this anime to anyone who greatly appreciates anime for the quality of the plot. The opening and closing songs are extremely nice. In term of the original voice acting, it's phenomenal. A would think anyone would want to keep watching even if mecha isn't really their genre for anime. It's great from start to finish.

    Lastly, I would also say that if you have the time, check out the manga version as well. You might be very surprised to see the sheer quality of storyline and information that wasn't in the anime.

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    Re: Eureka Seven

    I agree wholeheartedly. The series absolutely blew me away. Even though it's only 50 episodes long, the story line is detailed and action-filled all the way through. All my friends felt the same way about it, and I'd even go as far as to say it's my favorite anime in the whole world!!!!! It doesn't reallt matter if you have a specific variety of anime you like, E7 will have something for you.

    Also, I've recently started reading the manga, and the detail in it is incredible. Really, the whole theme is phenominal. I can't get over how interesting it was!!!!!

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    Re: Eureka Seven

    D: There's nothing I can really say about this. You two pretty much covered it all. I just simply agree 100%. Eureka 7 is one of my all-time favorite anime's right next to Code Geass. Just the characters are incredibly dynamic, and in my opinion, on a monumental scale and that's one of the qualities of the anime I enjoy most. You can really witness it all from day 1. I adore it.

    But I've never read the manga before. D: Omg I'll have to do so. I never really thought I had to read it because I felt so satisfied by the anime.


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