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Thread: Full Metal Panic

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    Full Metal Panic

    When I first watched this anime, I thought it was going to be something that would not catch my interest. In the beginning, I noticed the scenes were more based on the military type of genre. It wasn't to my liking at first. Especially, the serious soldier, Sagara, who never seemed to care about anything, but his official duties. Well, that all changes when he takes on a mission to watch over a girl named Chidori. This definitely a different type of setting and atmosphere even though the anime had a lot to do with mecha stuff. It was all that and more. The sketchy relationship between Sagara and Chidori does play its part with bring much attention to this series very well.

    After the first series, the next series: Fumoffu was a lot funnier than the previous one. As before, Sagara, “the military fanboy,” is back and still watching over Chidori. Although it was shorter, it was able to present more characters along the way. Actually, this Full Metal Panic series tended to focus more on getting to know about the school characters.

    Finally, the last series, The Second Raid, reverts back its seriousness of the story plot like in the first series. In this one, new enemies become known and Sagara is still his usual self using firearms and explosives on school grounds. Chidori's relationship with Sagara is still the same with punishing Sagara for his overprotective style of dealing with various situations.

    For me, Full Metal Panic is one of the few mecha/military anime that does great with mixing it with comedy. I guess that's probably because I don't particularly watch a lot of this kind of anime; however, I am glad I did watch this anime. This series proves that mecha and comedy can work well together.

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    Re: Full Metal Panic

    I agree with you, but too those of you who have not seen, The Second Raid, if you think that TSR is going to be fun like the first two, you are wrong, it is much darker and drama driven then the first two, it is good, but it doesn't lighten up until the last episode which is how a show like this should be (But I still like the lighter side of this series.

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