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Thread: Kino's Journey

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    Kino's Journey

    Kino's Journey is about a traveler named Kino that visits many different countries with their own strange and exotic customs. Kino is accompanied by a talking motorcycle named Hermes. The two will only spend 3 days in each country believing that it's enough time to learn and experience any place they may come across. After the first episode they almost completely stop the 'repeated statements or quotes'. It's 13 episodes long.

    I highly recommend anyone that enjoyed Mushi-shi to give this a shot. I also recommend to watch 2 episodes before dropping the Anime. I personally loved the stories that began and finished within the 20-25mins.

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    Re: Kino's Journey

    I agree. Kino's journey is rich in story telling and filled with philosophical metaphores. I am partial to 13 episode anime as you cannot have a lot of episodes dedicated to what I would call human drama anime. The qoutes that come with the Kino package are intrigueing as well.

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