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    Cool Kure-nai

    Watching this anime I observed a lot of interesting points.

    First of all, the transition of one's lifestyle to another might not be as bad as one might first think. It's a weird kind of anime that tries to depict the difficulties children coming from powerful wealthy families. It also shows how bad events in one's life can deeply impact a person's outlook and situation. I really liked how it depicted how someone's lack of experience of the little things can become like an adventure for them after they try it.

    Kurenai Shinkuro seems like a regular high school and nothing else. At night, he does his part-time job as a “dispute mediator,” which means he handles other people's disputes usually by force.

    His employer is Benika Juzawa who deals with handling dangerous clients. Shinkuro now faces his new challenge, which is to be a body guard for an unknown client. Now, he is responsible of taking care Murasaki Kuhoin who little girl from the plutocratic Kuhoin family.

    Aside from being Muraski's body guard, he still maintains his assignment as dispute mediator each night. As Shinkuro spends more time with her, he shifted his thinking of her as more of a friend.

    By tradition of the Kuhoin family, any female child is restricted from going outside the their household. Although Murasaki is going against her family's traditions, she was able to experience things that she couldn't do being stuck in her home.
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