Grumble Grumble Grumble

For those of you who are craving for a serious and dramatic Sci-Fi Space Opera series, there is Legend of the Galactic Heroes, a Region 1 unlicensed series that is currently available in fansubs. The story centers on the lives of two young military officers on different sides of a interstellar war. One is a young noble desperate to seize power to overthrow and change a corrupt leadership. The other is a pacifist military historian who suddenly finds himself destined for a different career path. The series does have the occasional epic space battle, but the emphasis is on the behind the scenes political manipulations and back stabbings as the main characters jockey to defend their positions of influence in the command structure.

As Anime Space Operas goes, The Legend of the Galactic Heroes is probably the best that is out there. The only real complaints is that it will take some commitment to finish the series. (Original series of 4 Seasons with a total of 110 episodes. 2 Sequels of 28 and 24 episodes)

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