Grumble Grumble Grumble

For this Spring Anime fansub season (2008), one of the best to come out is the third 'Macross' TV series 'Macross Frontiers' This high profile, high budget series is produced by Studio Satelight (who did the 'FMP:The second Raid' and is currently doing the 'Hellsing Ultimate' OVA series) and is CGI intensive, with Space combat (with transforming Space Fighter Planes/Mechas, the hallmark of the Macross series) done to the tune of modern J-Pop music. The basic story is about a angry teenage boy, rebelling against his father, becomes a fighter pilot and joins a elite (but private) fighter squadron, while at the same time, becomes involved in a love triangle between a famous pop music star, and teenage girl who becomes a rapidly raising pop star....

The 'Macross Frontier' soundtrack soundtrack and two of the singles from this series took the #3 spot for the most sold of all Music albums in Japan, which is the first time in over 11 years that a Anime song/soundtrack took this position in the top music list. (The 'End of Evangelion' was the last Anime soundtrack to claim this fame)

This series has my high recommendations...

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