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Thread: Maria Watches Over Us

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    Maria Watches Over Us

    ANN Link: Maria Watches Over Us (TV) - Anime News Network

    Quote Originally Posted by ANN Summary
    Plot Summary: Yumi is a first year student at the Lillian School For Girls, an exclusive all girl's catholic school. The school has a tradition that older girls take a younger girl as their little sister or "soeur" in order to instruct and look out for them. Though Yumi admires Sachiko, a reserved second year student who is a member of the student council, she has no hopes of being chosen as her soeur. When an innocent encounter leads Sachiko to impulsively ask Yumi to be her soeur, Yumi is suddenly brought into the inner circle of the Roses, who are the members of the student council. With Sachiko at her side, Yumi begins to unravel and understand the relationships between the Roses and their soeurs and figure out her own feelings for Sachiko.
    Well, I'll begin my first recommendation with a show that a number of people have mixed feelings for. Maria Watches Over Us (Maria-sama ga Miteru) is a show with very beautiful artwork and a slow moving pace, but that's alright, in this show, we prefer walking slowly, so to speak.

    It has a cast of nearly all females (it does take place in an all girls school as the summary states), most of which come from upper class families and have a pedigree to them. The main focus of the first season is the building of the relationship between Yumi, our main heroine, and her new elder sister Sachiko. The show runs with a number of lesbian undertones, and at least a couple of the characters are openly gay in it, but the show doesn't run in a lewd or ecchi direction at all. Everything's done very tastefully and paced out, you won't find any panty shots or over the top yelling or plots in this series. At best you may see a girls bare shoulders, haha.

    It's definitely worth a look for girls and guys of all persuasions, I've seen plenty of straight guys being closet fans of this series, so it's doing something right. There's two 13 episode full seasons and a 5 episode OVA (which counts as Season 3) out now, season four has already been announced to be in the planning/production stages. Maria Watches Over us has been licensed by Right Stuf Entertainment with the entire first season available in a single set of sub-only DVDs tomorrow (Maria Watches Over Us Season 1 DVD Collection (S) (TV)) so give it a shot, great deal for a great series.

    A warning though: Avoid this series if you watch anime mostly for fanservice and action, none of those things around here!

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    Re: Maria Watches Over Us

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    Additional review on this series... Maria Watches Over Us Season 1 Collection | Mania.com

    Official Website (with trailers) Maria Watches Over Us (Maria-sama ga Miteru)
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