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Thread: Mushi-shi

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    The idea of this anime is just pure genius. I love how this anime explores the mystery of the strange creatures called Mushi. These creatures are usual seen as supernatural and tend to cause miracles, tragedies, or weird occurrences. They are often misunderstood and most people cannot either notice or explain their nature of being.

    The pale skinned wanderer, Ginko, go around from village to village seeking any problems people can't seem to know the cause. Ginko is known as a mushi-shi who has a vast knowledge to help others figure out the source of the Mushi causing dilemmas.

    I would recommend this anime to people who like mystery or supernatural phenomenons. It's not so much that it has a lot of action, but involves deep thinking about things that seem imperceivable and gives a lot of great detail about spiritual theories.

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    Re: Mushi-shi

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    This series took a 'Notable' TV series award at the 2006 Tokyo International Anime Fair

    Official Region 1 Website... The Official Mushi-Shi Anime Website from FUNimation:
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