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Thread: One Piece

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    Newbie Light Mario is off to a good start
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    Re: One Piece

    Bestest anime ever...at least out of those I have seen. One Piece has it all!

    I got to add I shed a tear or two out of the gomu gomu storm (crocodile *** kicked)

    In fact...I find it odd there is not a One Piece subsection in the anime section...

    BTW...as a cultural tip, OP is VERY popular in spain...most OP sites I find are from that country.

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    Re: One Piece

    Quote Originally Posted by Light Mario View Post

    In fact...I find it odd there is not a One Piece subsection in the anime section...
    I thought that was odd as well.

    One Piece is 10,000 times better then Naruto and Bleach combined. Yes, it does start slow, but I have yet to find a show with as much heart as One Piece has. I defy anyone to not shed a tear at this part in the series:

    (that pic is actually from the 8th movie that retells the arc, but I could not find a pic from the series)

    Great characters, great humor, great action, great music, and great voice work as well.... It really does have everything. The 400 episodes may look a little daunting at first, but each story arc is really pretty self contained and usually last around 20-40 episodes so it is really more like each arc is a new series almost just with the same characters.
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    Re: One Piece

    Quote Originally Posted by chibichan View Post
    One Piece has to be the most underated anime around. People tend to be iffy about it because the illustration style is so different and takes a while to get used to. But i promise you that once you start to watch it you will never go back. It has everything you need in and anime, great fight scene, action, comedy, drama, suspence. Trust me, give it a chance. You wont regret it.
    yup, i agree with you. I love the anime, and I love one piece manga too

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