Yes, Suzuka. I reccomend this MANGA to anyone who is a fan of either romance mangas or sports mangas. Or a combination of both! (as i remember there was a thread asking for these genres)

Why manga, you ask? Because the anime is dreadful. The story is almost completely revamped, and it seems the author, Koji Seo, had nothing to do with it other than provide some voices.

The manga is simply a page turner, full of twists and surprises and great character development. the story flows smoothly from arc to arc and keeps you sucked in. One warning though, it is a mature read. 18 and up folks! Expect naughty language, nudity (almost full frontal), sexual humor, slapstick comedy, and some admittedly cheesy romantic moments.

Artistic value is also here, as the artistry is great eye candy. It can range from the cartoony or chibi styles, to detailed drawings of the characters, almost instantaneously.

Well? Go start reading! XD