I am an avid reader and really only put a book on here if it is good and I think someone can gain insight by reading it. "Have a Little Faith is certainly that book. Albom tells the story of two men one dying of various illnesses the other formerly the cause of many social illnesses.

A retired Rabbi asks Albom to write is eulogy for him. The story starts and over the course of eight years Albom shows us that know life lived is ordinary. Whether a man of faith or not the revelations and writting style will have you hooked.

How we practice faith and use it to overcome obastacles is the central theme of this piece comparing two very different men, both who rose through adverse environments to be spritual leaders. Often I have said that there are far too many interesting people to all have a book and Mitch Albom taps into the unsung hero vibe embedded in all our souls. While rich with context the book is a fast and inspiring read.