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Thread: Inside Delta Force

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    Inside Delta Force

    This book reads pretty quick considering it is fairly long. The book provides an indepth look at the brave few who are able to make the cut for the most intense Special Forces unit in America. laid throughout the book is the personal philosophy of Eric Haney, a member of delta force himself, though not in al likely hood the founder as he claims.

    Heny puts you in the middle of the action and helps those of us with a military background by not simplifying things and maybe making others do their homework. While the book was gripping and riveting it was and is a very controversial book. Haney makes some claims that are rather ridiculous and while all the stuff in the book probably happened on some leve he doubtless over exaggerated things and could not have taken part in every mission that he said he did.

    For instance, he claims to have done detail for presidential security which is unlikely that they would ever do something like that considering how many people already guard the president. He also boast of working with the nuclear emergency search team. That I know if pretty much a lie. There is no reason they would need to wait for militray intervention because the department of energy keeps teams that are just as capable at taking out threats and don't have to cut through any read tape. By the time Haney would be getting to the briefing on the situation these guys would be finished.

    Though not completely true it is a descent book that portrays operators as they are. Selfless heroes who go into combat to defend freedom abroad so we can sleep safe at night in the homeland. If you are a fan of this Genre you will love this book. If not downt give it a bother.

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