If you could match anyone from any book up against a character from another book what would it be. Let your imagination run wild on this one.

I would love to face up Beuwolf against Achilles. Both have super human strength and endurance. But both are essentially human and both can and have been killed. Who would prevail against the other. I have to say it would be close but I would have to go with Beuwolf. After all Achilles is only good at killing men and so can Beuwolf but never forget that he also fought against a dragon and prevailed though mortally wounded. Achilles never went against a super human oponent or a supernatural one for that matter.

Achiles himself was an otherwordly opponent that was half-god. And that is Beuwolf's specialty. His weakness play exactly to Beuwolf's strengths. As for the danes weaknesses, there are few. Achilles element was water but the dane proved he can defeat opponents in water. There would be no refuge for the mighty Achilles.