One of the subjects I study out of pure interest is that of religion. It is unique to the human race to have a religion. A belief in an unseen yet always present power is the subject of literature and art throughout the ages, and our interpretations of saids being will can be expressed in contradictory terms. Either through war or missions we have tried to get the word out.

This book is a not to preachy peice of scholastic insight that gives a great amount of detail to many religions. While books either focus solely on the big three religions found in the west or seek to mention only the obscure, unfamiliar, and fascinating this book is a balance. If you enjoy having a good authoritative study piece around the house this book is for you.

While I would never say this book is boring I would not recommend it be read for entertainment but rather enlightenment. The structure helps to make the pace quicker than most reference material and many colorful pages add great detail to followers of various faiths.