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Thread: just home

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    just home

    quite an epic week

    i was at my bf's from thursday till tuesday i was ment to be home on monday but we were late cause of road works and we missed my plane LOL when we parked the car we tryed to take a shortcut trough grass and i was wearing high heels and my shoe got stuck in the grass and came off...so i took of the other shoe ran and we got to the desk with random people lookin at me with no shoes on but i litterly missed my plane booking by secs and my plane wasnt away yet and my bag and be catgorized as hand logage if i want it to so its not like they needed to take my bag?? but im not gonna complane i got an extra day with my bf but when i got home i set up in the room and was really depressed and felt like a massive peice of me has been taken away....

    but hopfuly he can get over here cant wait!!!

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    Re: just home

    Welcome back home dear sis. I am glad you had a lovely time with your boyfriend. I think you need to concentrate on other things so you can minimize how much you miss Philip otherwise it will become unhealthy.

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