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Thread: rant...

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    god! i need a rant!! T^T

    after easter i have my music pratical exam on the 22 april T^T shittin them tbh

    i dont even have a song i need to chose from spancil hill, sally gardens and black is the colour ( all irish songs sang in english)

    and phil was anoyed thismorrning and was kinda takin it out on me and tbh i felt like crap cos tbh i didnt do anything than say goodmorrning although he text me later and apoligiesed to me and explaned what was wrong

    still not sure when im goin to see him cos of my dads work i ****ing HATE IT! and he will only go by ferrie...(big boat) and i wanna go by plane it will only be 40 mins like that and a ferrie is ****in 2hrs 55 mins
    u can tell how ragin i really am! i love phil and my dads being a rod about it now i was ment to go see him like last month T^T

    and i had my art exam last week ....did a 2d relif we got 2 days and mine took 1 1/2 days 1 day to go all the tissue paper and glue stuff and 1/2 a day to paint it and put oil pastil on it so its kinda mixed media but mines not all that good i think but its more complext than everyone elses there just painting pastils pen and pencil.
    i got the art teacher that i clean her room to take my art folders to have a look over them and she seems to like them for my exam pice were doing buildings our last one was fuit but she took them and had a look though them and left me little postits i have 19 pices done everyone else is only on there 5th...so im anoyed my art teacher is only perdicting me a b because of what happened last year someone that got an A* got moved down to a c...AGH T^T i just wanna be with phil

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    Re: rant...

    Lizzie, don't get mad at your Dad. You have to consider the fact that he is willing to go with you to see Phil. Also, the fact that he wants to go by Ferrie means that it is more cheaper than buying plain tickets. True, it takes longer than flying, but you are still going to see Phil nonetheless. Keep up your good work in school.

    ps: I am still going to see you two sometime in the future, expect me ^^

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