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    ok today in a few hours im gonna meet my bf for the first time pretty much XD

    but my dad was supost to tell my mum about it and he forgot all about tellin her cos i wasnt for tellin her tbh cos she shot me down everytime i asked her could i and my dad was up for it. tbh i was waitin all night for my mum to come into my room and shout at me

    and my uncel is comin to lift me at like 10.30 or 11.00 am to go to the air port i really hope nothin else goes wrong and my dad and mum isnt pissed off at me. . .

    wish me luck guys and ill update this when i get back and let u know how it went!


    omg guys it was amamzing! spent all day with him we went to come cafe with his perents and my dad and then we went away for a walk when i first got there so we gont on our own it was amazing and then me and him went into town and we got to go of on our own but we just set on a bench and cuddled up there and some man truned around and looked at us and smiled and then i kissed him first then we weernt down to the swings he was on one and i put my arms around him and kissed him there and all then he came up to see the room i got (he payed for...) and we were up there and i grabed his hand to pull him off the bed to come down stairs again and he pulled me into the bed hehe and today in the air port we were just standing upstars hugin and kissin and stuff like ya do and some woman pointed at us. . . ? but oh well i think his family like me his dad and my dad got along really well and i could talk to them no prob.

    but my mum is kinda anoyed still but shes not really really mad like?
    but im gonna get her a vouter when i get my pay in and send her and my dad out for a meal to say thanks and stuff.
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    Re: update

    good luck Equinn!

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