Last Week was the premier of the anime of Kimi ni Todoke. This is the anime adaptation of the manga with the same title.

This story is centred around a girl named Kuronuma Sawako who is nicknamed Sadako (ghost girl from "The Ring") by her classmates because of her scary face and demeanor. She greatly admires Kazehaya-kun from afar, he is "100% refreshing" and is able to draw in people with his personality. Unlike her facial expressions, she yearns to make friends and live as a normal student. Gradually, she starts to affect those around her, including Kazehaya-kun...
- My Anime List - Kimi ni Todoke Manga Synopsis
After the airing episode, I was captivated by the characters themselves. Of course many people can always relate to being the one who stands out the most and doesn't have many friends. Yet, they find that one person who is willing to break that wall down and get to know you better. Just being able to talk to one person who is there for support and opens up new things, as Sawako says "Kazehaya-Kun has given me a lot of firsts".

The first episode alone was enough to really spark my curiosity into how the characters relationships will grow. Creating a story around a young girl, who is seemed as a scary and demoniac person, is one that people can relate to in any way. Within the prologue chapter, it really does set the scene very well. People always run away from Sawako while saying "I'm sorry" or any other form of apology. She is always trying to clear up the misunderstands that have been set in place due to all the rumours that have spread around the school. During a conversation to a friend, where she talks about how refreashing the person she admires really. She even corrects herself and says that is more than 100% refreashing. She is over heard but the person she is talking about, Kazehaya Shouta. Kazehaya is someone who attracts other people around and gets on with everyone, including those who seem to be having trouble fitting in at school. His kindness and influence helps Sawako to aspire to being someone like him. Someone who can talk to others with ease and make friends. Kazehaya *says to Sawako, that she just tell others how she feels. By doing this, she will be able to clear up all of the misunderstands. So with this comment in mind, Sawako goes to the class room and begins to clear up the misunderstandings with two girls who are there; Yoshida Chizuru and Yano Ayane.

This anime/manga is really about the building of new relationships with friends and even build a relationship with a special someone. Being a Shoujo anime/manga, it wouldn't be the same if it didn't have a relationship grown between two people in a loving kind of way.

So, with that notion, I decide to look for the manga. I've never been one to just jump to reading the manga after the first episode. But my patience was really wearing thin and I had just had to know. Of course, I was not disappointed at all. Although the translations have only reached chapter 19, the story really is well developed and portrayed.

As a person who found it hard to fit in with others and be accepted for who I really am, I can relate to aspects of Sawako's feelings. However, one I entered High School, my life did change. I did find a friend who was popular in class and was surrounded my people. She was really a great help to help in meeting people and getting to know a range of characters. So with this, I am able to see things from Kazehaya's view point. *I for one, can never leave someone to suffer alone. I always want people to be happy and I don't like to seem them down. So when Kazehaya walks up to Sawako and talk to her properly for the first time. I was there in the moment. Wondering about the reactions they would show. It reveals something very interesting, Kazehaya becomes some what bashful when he talks to her. Hiding his face behind his hand to cover up his blushing face is a sweet and alluring characteristic, well in my opinion anyway.

Kazehaya might be a really popular guy at school, but it seems that his focus is more swayed into Sawako's direction. That in itself, is enough to make swoon for this guy. The guy who doesn't discriminate people, always treats others equally and doesn't go for the popular girls. His heart is reaching out for Sawako. Although, its only shown at the moment with his blushing face when he talks to Sawako, it adds to his appeal that he isn't a straight forward guy. He is able to tread carefully and show his emotions in a more subtle way. Which is in this case, by helping Sawako and being that person she can lean on. He finds this way easier, which in all fairness, I do this myself. Making friends with the person you care for and always being there will increase your chances. He has always had feelings for Sawako since they started high school. The day where he met Sawako when he was lost. He saw her smile after she pointed him in the right direction of the school when he looked lost. He noticed her smile which sparked his curiosity of wanting to know her better getting bigger and bigger.

As I said earlier, I went on to reading the manga. I won't say any spoilers but with the translations behind the raw's there won't be any chance I will be spoiling the ending. *But I'm sure that you realize that Sawako's admiration and respect grow into something known as love for Kazehaya. The wall between Sawako and Kazehaya has already been broken down by Kazehaya's smile. With him being the first person to approach her and greet her every morning as usual. Their bond grows and I really don't want to spoil anything, so please read the manga or follow the anime!

Favourite Character: Kazehaya Shouta

Favourite Scene in the Anime so far: When Kazehaya moves his chair next to Sawako in Episode 2 of the anime or Chapter 1 in the manga.

Favourite Scene in the Manga so far: When Kazehaya pulls Sawako away from Ryu and asks her she ever thought about being boyfriend and girlfriend, in Chapter 15.