I don't usually do this but I somehow ended up writing a little story. Originally, my idea was to write a poem, but it was getting too long. So I changed my mind. I thought I might as well just making it into a story so I could really get what I was trying to say across better.

Please feel free to comment etc, I know there might be something I need to change but I did type this in Office Word so I'm hoping that it makes sense at least.

A Girls Dream?

All alone in his house, it was so quiet. No one to disturb us, no one to catch us in this passionate embrace on his large king sized bed. Nothing felt odd when I’m with him. Everything flowed together, like it was meant to be.
A small question escaped my lisps before I noticed.
“Why can’t we stay this way forever?”
Tension stiffened his body, like I triggered something to make dispute his own thoughts.
What could be troubling him so? Did my question really give him this much trouble? Maybe I should change the subject and act like I didn’t say anything. I clearly should have kept my mouth shut this time for sure. I rolled onto my side so my head wasn’t on his chest. But it didn’t stop me from feeling the tension building. Yet I still see what I had done. It was a harmless question. Or maybe it wasn’t the case for us, were we really that different? I couldn’t help but looking at his deep brown eyes, searching for the answers. He turned his focus to me then, starring back into my eyes. I could see a look on his face, one I had seen before when he built up enough courage to ask me out three years prior.
His perfect eyes that was so very different to my own hazel, bland eyes. I lost myself so many times when we locked each other’s gaze. I didn’t really know how to react to moments like this. I could feel my blood rushing to my cheeks. Embarrassment was the last thing I needed when he was this tense about something. I diverted my gaze as I tried to pull myself together. I was never really able to look into his eyes for long. My tendency to get embarrassed easily made sure of that.
His soft gentle hand then cupped my face, and lifted my chin so he could see my face. I noticed the expression on his face had changed. It was more certain. Maybe it was courage that I saw as he was able to settle the discussion in his mind. But there something still there, hiding in the shadow’s.
With a sigh and faint smile, he moved onto his side so he could face me directly. I started worrying; this wasn’t something he would normally do. My thoughts started racing through scenarios, jumping mostly to negative situations. It was clear to me that I had hurt him in some way. If I knew what it was then I could find someway to rectify things. But that strange look in his eye was by now making me feel really uneasy.
He smiled his cheeky yet charming smile, probably trying to make me more at ease. It did annoy me some times that he knew me too well, even though he was the only one who understood me, so that helped balance things out a little bit.
This tension and confusion on my part was getting too much.
“What are you thinking so hard about? Don’t deny it, it’s written all over your face” I asked curiously.
“Just don’t freak out on me” he said in a murmur.
“Okay, well saying that doesn’t help your chances”
He was talking things through in his head for what seemed like five minutes, although it was probably close to only one.
Slowly rolling onto my back, I continued to wait for his prolonged answer. I starred at the ceiling while listening out for his breathing. Occasionally he took a really deep breath as if he was about to proclaim something.
Something broke my concentration. His hand was now at my waist, pulling me back onto my side to face him. His face was calm and collected making his expression smooth with a hint of seduction. It made my heart beat race. His hand had moved to my bright red cheek. Before I could take another breath his soft welcoming lips were gently placed on mine. Making my head spin as he passionately kissed me. All of my confusion was running away from me, leaving me to be light headed by this surprising moment.
Just as I was giving in completely to the kiss, his lips left mine but lingered close by. As I opened my eyes to see if he was still there, his charming smile managed to worm its way onto my face.
“So you wanted to know what I was thinking right.” He asked quietly.
I nodded, rubbing my lips together to find any traces of his captivating taste from his lips.
“Okay” -He paused- “I do wish we could stay like this forever, honestly I do”
I was still unable to read his facial expression. It was almost tormented but hopeful. What ever it was, it seemed like he had been thinking about it for a long time.
I tried to study his face as much as I could. Searching for anything that could give me a clue as to what he was thinking. But he wasn’t there. He had moved without me realizing it. Was I really that lost in thought? What if he had said something important? I am never any good at getting him to repeat things. I always seemed to hit a dead end when trying to ask but not truly asking.
A pair of lips had found the back of my neck. I couldn’t help but smile in response to this much welcomed surprise.
I turned around to see the body those lips belonged to. He was kneeling down on the floor beside the bed. I smiled when I saw his face had a slight hint of redness to the cheeks. He returned the smile as I lifted my hand to caress the side of his neck.
His arms were folded in front of him, resting softly on the bed. I leaned over to gently kiss him again.
“So where were we?” I asked softly.
He unfolded his hands to reveal a dark velvet covered box. But that moment my heart started to beat so fast that I was sure it was trying to break out of the confine that was my chest.
“Um…” – he paused, smiling this time. “Will you do me the honour of becoming my beautiful wife?”
It caught me off guard. I really was unprepared for such a question. I was so shocked, I froze, starring as he was slowly opening this small fragile box. I instantly placed my hand over the top to stop him from going any further.
“Are you sure about this?”
“I wouldn’t be asking you if I wasn’t”
“But still”
“There is no ‘buts’ about it”
He pulled the box out from under my hand and opened it as wide as it could go. It revealed a small silver band ring with three diamonds encased neatly in a row. It glittered in the light showing its true beauty.
“Do I get an answer?”
His voice hinted a little reluctance as he was watching my reaction. He was trying to see if my shocked expression was ever going to change any time soon.
“Yes! Yes, yes, yes!”